France’s single-day diagnosis of new crowns nears 30,000 Prime Minister Castel hinted that Paris would be closed for the weekend.

French Prime Minister Castel, March 16, 2021.

French public health authorities released data Tuesday afternoon showing that nearly 30,000 new people were confirmed in France in a single day in the last 24 hours, specifically 29,975 people. Prime Minister Castel said on television Tuesday night that “it is Time to take measures for the greater Paris area.”

Data released Tuesday afternoon by the French public health authorities showed that the number of new diagnoses in France in a single day in the last 24 hours was close to 30,000, specifically 29,975, which means that the average number of new infections per day in a week is about 25,000, a 17 percent increase in the number of new infections in a week compared to the previous week.

In terms of deaths, 320 people died in hospitals in the last 24 hours and 114 people died in nursing homes or other social care facilities in the past week. To date, 91,170 people have died from the new coronavirus in France.

In terms of the pressure on hospitals, 25,492 people are currently hospitalized with the new coronavirus (CCHV), compared to 25,469 a day ago Monday evening, a slight increase. In terms of seriously ill patients requiring emergency care, on Tuesday evening, the number was 4,239, compared to 4,219 a day earlier on Monday evening, an increase of 20.

The outbreak is most serious in three regions: the Greater Paris region, the Hauts-de-France region and the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region, with the Greater Paris region being the most worrisome. In recent days, there have been increasing calls for the government to re-impose a blockade on the Greater Paris region.

Prime Minister Castet said on television Tuesday night that “it’s time to take measures against the greater Paris area.” Castet also said the possibility of whether to seal off the greater Paris area to stop the spread of the virus would be discussed at a defense conference on Wednesday. Castaire also said the French are focused on fairness: there is no reason why the measures we take elsewhere are not taken here, and it is time to consider this measure.”