British Statistics Department: Communist virus death rate is the highest in a century

The UK Statistics Department (ONS) said on March 15 that the death rate from the Chinese Communist virus was the highest of any infectious disease in the past century (Photo credit: UK Statistics Department official website).

The UK Statistics Department (ONS) released a report on March 15 saying that the Chinese Communist virus (New Coronavirus, Wuhan pneumonia, COVID-19) is the most serious Epidemic to have broken out in the UK in the past century, with the highest death rate of any infectious disease in the past century; and that the epidemic and the foot ban imposed to control it have caused economic damage to all industries in the UK during 2020.

According to the Epoch Times website, a report released by the UK’s Office for Statistics (ONS) on March 15 shows that the Communist virus will kill more people in 2020 than any infectious disease in the past century.

The report reads, “In 2020, more than 140,000 people in the UK will have a death certificate listing the CCP virus as a leading cause of death or a contributing factor, with 73,500 people in England and Wales alone having a leading cause of death from the CCP virus. This means that the CCP virus is the most serious infectious disease causing the highest number of deaths in the UK since 1918.”

The report also found that the number of patients in intensive care units in the UK in the winter of 2020 is much higher than in the winter of 2019.

The Statistics Department report said that employment in all industries in the U.K. plummeted last year, with the hospitality industry suffering the most since British Prime Minister Johnson declared all U.K. primary and secondary schools closed on March 18, 2020, in an effort to contain the Communist virus outbreak, and subsequently initiated the first round of foot-ban for the entire U.K. nation on March 23. The report reads, “Between April and June 2020, 8.9 million Britons were forced out of work due to the CCP virus outbreak, many businesses were unable to operate normally, and the average person in the UK worked 25.9 hours/week, well below the 32.3 hours/week for the same period in 2019. Of those, those working in the UK restaurant and travel industry worked 13 hours/week during that period, well below the 28.4 hours/week for the same period in 2019, a 54% drop, making it the most damaged sector.”

The report also said that while house prices in the U.K. generally increase and decrease in tandem with the economy, in 2020, during the ravages of the CCP virus epidemic, house prices rose while the U.K. economy contracted severely.

An outbreak poll released by the UK Statistics Authority last week showed that 1 in 270 people in the UK contracted the CCP virus in the first week of March last year.

The report also showed that the number of deaths due to the CCP virus in the UK has now landed at its lowest level in the past five months, following the introduction of a vaccination program in the country, and that the rate of transmission of the CCP virus has been slowing in the past two weeks.

Inflation in the UK caused by the CCP virus has been falling back after a peak in January this year, and the UK economy is showing signs of recovery.