Woman who uncovered China Life corruption case speaks out again

Recently, Zhang Nai Dan sent another video to pursue the truth regarding the company’s cover-up of the shady business. (Screenshot of the video)

Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life“) employee Zhang Naidan reported the company’s fraudulent and corrupt issues in real name, and was retaliated by the company’s director. Recently, Zhang Naidan sent another video to ask for the truth about the company’s cover-up shady business.

Zhang Naidan, who has worked for China Life for 16 years, posted a video on Weibo on March 15, which sparked concern and hot debate among netizens.

In the video, Zhang Naidan said: “Since I choose to come forward to reveal the truth, I am not afraid of those spirits and monsters. Although I was born small, but if necessary, for the country, for the people, risked my life.”

“The penalty imposed by the regulatory authorities on the Heilongjiang Province company a few days ago is proof enough that what I said, the problems of the company are true. They even dare to touch the money of the country’s lowest class of ordinary people, what else do they dare not touch? Should they be allowed to victimize the people like this forever?

“Now, the problem I reported, whether it is life internal self-investigation or what, it has been 20 days and there has been no result so far. Why is there no processing result? Who are you trying to protect? The money that the company’s leaders falsified and siphoned out is not given to the country, not given to the people, and not given to the employees. The whereabouts are unknown and not pursued.”

She finally mentioned, “These leaders are so rich, why don’t you mention and investigate them? What is the final result? Are they enough to be incriminated or not? Why is there no conclusion after a long Time? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that you will all be involved? You must also give an explanation and account to all the people!”

Public information shows that China Life Insurance (Group) Company, the largest insurance company in China, is a central-level financial enterprise of the Communist Party of China. China Life Insurance Co. is one of the group’s eight tier-one subsidiaries.

China Life Reported Twice a Day Ping An of China Exposed to Fraud

On February 24, Zhang Naidan posted a video and post on Weibo, reporting that Sun Xiaogang, general manager of China Life’s Heilongjiang Nenjiang branch, had cheated customers by “long insurance and short work” to obtain high rewards; falsely increased the number of employees and falsely listed manpower to obtain high rewards and fees from the company; and falsely listed expenses and made false accounts to set up money and other problems.

Zhang Nai Dan said that the Nengjiang company has been in charge of the fraudulent behavior, they wrote a letter to point out the problem, 2020 by the company fired in retaliation, while the Heilongjiang Banking and Insurance Supervision Bureau and the Hehe Banking and Insurance Supervision Bureau only the personnel involved in the case were fined 10,000 yuan.

On February 24 this year, an employee surnamed Wu from the development of a branch company of China Life Fujian Branch in Zhangzhou broke the news to mainland Zhengguan News Network that he had been in the business for 14 years and was forced to terminate his contract without reason on December 28, 2020 for not cooperating with the department manager to make false premiums.

The employee said that her department had a large number of fraudulent policies in the fourth quarter of 2020, taking advantage of the policy of increasing the number of employees, who were given a certain bonus for each additional person, and that the increases were false.

On the same day, an employee of Ping An Insurance Company of China, Heilongjiang Branch, also posted that Ping An’s internal and external staff colluded with each other to develop teams in the form of pyramid schemes, causing hundreds of people to be duped and suffer huge economic losses.

In the letter, he specifically pointed out that the violations of Ping An Insurance Company of China Heilongjiang Branch include false recruitment, false interview, violation of the formation of assistant team, low age and violation of the induction; false convening of the management meeting, false production talk meeting; forced supervisor to reach an agreement, corporal punishment and insult, forced to buy the door opening products and other business.

According to an article in the land media, from the content of the postings of netizens and the attitude of industry insiders, the reported chaos of insurance companies “falsifying” their premium performance is not uncommon in the industry.