The mainland exploded “synthetic lamb”! Netizens: an open secret

It’s cold and northerners love to eat shabu-shabu, but are they eating real lamb? A wholesale market in Jinan, Shandong Province, indicates that the lamb used to make lamb rolls is made of duck meat with lamb oil, claiming that it is only 14 yuan per kilogram (the same below) and has a similar taste, which must not be eaten after ordering the sauce. The local cheap buffet staff, dare not explain the hot pot with the meat is from what animal, only said: “Anyway, it does not contain lamb.” Some netizens said: “can use duck meat are considered conscientious ……”

The land media surging news network reporter went to Jinan, Shandong Province wholesale market investigation, found that most of the affordable buffet restaurants with lamb rolls, sold at a fairly cheap price, about 14 yuan per kilogram. A vendor bluntly said that these cheap “mutton” is made of duck meat with mutton oil, claiming that “low-priced buffets are using this (meat), no (was) complained about not tasty …… taste is certainly also delicious “.

The vendor also said that because of the lamb oil, the taste is similar to that of lamb, and eat hot pot with more sauce, after dipping in the sauce “what can not eat out. The vendor reiterated that many chains of affordable buffet restaurants are using these meats.

In addition to synthetic meat, there are also merchants who say they are selling injected meat. Another vendor in the wholesale market said that their lamb is “seasoned meat”, “to put it simply, to put it bluntly, it contains water”. He said that the lamb with water injection 14 yuan per kilogram, less moisture, while the cheaper 10 yuan per kilogram water injection meat, moisture will be more. The vendor even said, “meat is not difficult to eat, you can rest assured that this”.

In Liaocheng, Shandong Province, a buffet restaurant charging 55 yuan per person, put a large pot of hot pot meat, when the reporter asked the staff what this pot of meat, the staff is tight-lipped, only said that it is “modulated meat”, as to what meat inside, the staff “dare not say”, only said: “Anyway, it is not watered down. Only said: “Anyway, it does not contain mutton.”

Hebei herdsmen illegally raise sheep with lean meat essence

In addition to synthetic meat and water-injected meat, CCTV’s 3.15 party on Monday night revealed that the authorities have recently unscrupulous merchants in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the black market trade in mutton containing lean meat essence. The report quoted the traders as pointing out that most of these mutton traded outside the regular market came from Qing County, Hebei Province. The local area produces 700,000 sheep every year, and herders are reluctant to disclose how they are raised, but reveal that lean meat extract is added during the breeding process.

The black market lamb market in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, are traded in the early hours of the morning, and these lambs contain lean meat essence. (Internet)

Vendors say that Qing County herders have been using lean meat extract for almost 10 years, and the selling price of each sheep can thus increase by up to 60 yuan. The local people will be shipped to sell sheep, will be added to the car a few sheep without lean protein, to cope with the slaughterhouse inspection.

A slaughterhouse staff said that the market for lamb in Qingxian County is very wide, in addition to Henan, also shipped to Tianjin, Jiangsu Wuxi, the media reporter in the slaughterhouse randomly check the lamb in Qingxian County, lean meat extract are shown positive.

The mainland has banned the addition of lean meat agent in feed or veterinary drugs since 2002, but the relevant departments in Qing County have been claiming that there is a strict investigation of irregularities in the addition of lean meat essence.

Netizen comments.

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