Beijing citizens talk about dust storms: the sky and people

On March 15, a sandstorm occurred in Beijing, filling the sky with yellow sand and blocking the sun. The picture shows the situation in Beijing on March 15.

Twelve mainland provinces and cities, including Beijing, saw the most severe sand and dust storm weather in more than a decade on March 15. The reporter interviewed Beijing citizens on the same day, they said that the sandstorm in Beijing was so serious that the sun was not visible, and there was a rumor among the people that the “heavenly and human senses”, such as the unusual weather that appeared during the two sessions of the Communist Party in 2020.

Beijing citizens: the largest sandstorm in more than a decade, not to see the sun

Beijing resident Hua Po told reporters: “It started early in the morning and is worse in the morning”, “You can say the sky is yellow, the air is filthy, everywhere is dust, the sky is blinded by dust. Now (more than 5 p.m.) is still a yellow sky, generally speaking, nothing really dare to go out. The air is very choking (people), just feel the smell of dust in the air, very big, as if you breathe in the air is mixed with dust.”

Huapo remembers that Beijing also had frequent and severe dusty weather around 2000, followed by severe haze in the following years, and he did not expect to see dusty weather again this year.

Mr. Fan, a Hebei migrant worker who is working in Beijing, said, “The sky is gray and reddish-yellow, a very strange and rare weather. The air smells of sand and dirt.” “This kind of weather, visibility is so low that it should affect traffic, especially highways and airports will definitely be affected in some way.”

“The sky and the people are angry with the sky.”

Mr. Fan said, “This kind of weather is rarely seen. The sky can not see any sunlight, extreme abnormal.”

“The old man said the sky is not normal there will be a disaster, right? Our old man there generally said that unusual things happen, it must not be good, the heart does not feel good. The climate (is) wind and rain is good, like this weather is rare, a little bit of heavenly anger and resentment.” He said, “Unusual weather conditions occur frequently in Beijing now.”

Hua also talked about the traditional Chinese Culture of “induction of man and sky,” which means “the induction of man and sky represents public opinion and people’s hearts.” He said.

For example, he said, “Liu Bo Wen of the Ming Dynasty said that Zhu Yuanzhang had killed too many people and that he should kill less people and ask for rain, and then it rained heavily and lifted the drought, and so on. It is said that the ruler did not implement benevolent governance and caused the anger of the sky, so natural disasters flourished, there are such legends.”

Beijing lawmaker Mr. Liu recalled that weather visions also occurred during the Communist Party’s two sessions in 2020. He said, “On the first day of the two sessions last year, the weather in Beijing suddenly became so dark that it was almost invisible for an instant. I was not in Beijing at that Time, and I remember that many people said on the Internet that the first day of the two sessions began, and the first day it rained heavily, and then suddenly it rained heavily, and it rained heavily to heavily, and suddenly the whole Beijing could not see five fingers. Last year, the first day of the two sessions have (heavenly induction) such a phrase.”

Mr. Liu said that since ancient times there has been the saying that the heavens are dangling and heavenly induction, many people say so, and the concept of the common people is passed down from Chinese culture and Chinese history, and once such weather visions suddenly appear, the idea flashes in the minds of the common people, especially the petitioners, the demolitioners, and the victims of unjust and false cases.

Mr. Liu spoke of the many conflicts that have accumulated in mainland society over time. He said: “The real estate industry in these twenty years is a policy blunder, the real estate industry, the housing, the most basic needs of the residents as the so-called pillar industry development of the national economy, this development idea is certainly problematic, resulting in land prices, housing prices skyrocketed, they forcibly seized the land of farmers, many people grievances, the accumulation of a large number of civil discontent. “

“The other is that there are too many judicial injustice, I am engaged in law, I myself and suffer from injustice, I know too well what the current state of justice in China is, will certainly provoke a lot of civil discontent.” He said.

Mr. Liu said there is also the Epidemic, “at the beginning of the epidemic there was this kind of local government (cover-up of the epidemic), and then it involved the national professional disease control department intentionally teamed up (to cover up the epidemic), that has nothing to do with the epidemic public security also intervened, even the epidemic are covered up. The initial treatment was completely contrary to the principle of truthfulness and normal logic that the government has always shouted, and after such mishandling, the later explanations were not trustworthy at all, including the current vaccines. So in the face of these major public events, it can be said that Chinese Communist Party officials have always just chosen the wrong approach.”

He believes, “These problems will be time bombs in the future, with endless consequences, and all these problems will become increasingly difficult to deal with in the future.”

“The government at all levels is only looking for immediate peace and security, and no one has any regard for the long-term security of China. Because it does not need to talk about any fairness and justice, no need to talk about social justice, is the use of violence, is the direct use of police power, all the problems, the local chiefs, whether the party secretary or the county mayor mayor governor, their first reaction is to use police violence. In the first time to grab the time to press, the conflict backward delay.

“So the future of China’s conflicts will be more difficult to deal with than now, it must be so. So in the future I can predict, although there is no way to deduce exactly which event, in the future there will be a lot of conflicts that are forcibly pressed now will be concentrated at a certain time, it will be like that.”

The people do not believe in the Chinese Communist Party’s “Outer Mongolia”, Hu Xijin again became a laughing stock

On the day of the dust storm on the mainland, the Chinese Communist Party official quickly said that the dust storm was “affected by the combined effect of cold air and Mongolian cyclones”.

The air quality and environment in Beijing has been deteriorating since the 1990s, and it has been deteriorating for 20 to 30 years, which is very serious. This time it was blamed on foreign countries, saying it came from foreign countries, but the people don’t know if it’s really from foreign countries or not, and where it came from.”

As the yellow sand filled the sky in Beijing, some netizens rehashed the sandstorm comments of Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times. He said, “When you look at a sandstorm in two ways, yellow sand is a beautiful sight that is not often seen, and it can also disable guidance weapons, so if you fight a war it is a much more favorable camouflage!”

Hua Po said: “Hu editor of this person can be said to be habitually wash, the problem is that now also do not fight, you say this sandstorm on the environment of Beijing, the people’s body damage is very big. Originally a funeral event he took it as a happy event.”

“This time he is also afraid of affecting Sino-Mongolian relations, saying that although Mongolia has a sandstorm but no industrialization, the sand and dust is still very clean, does not contain too much impurities of industrialization, etc.. He washed his hands of this to the point that it can be said that Hu Xijin represents this propaganda system of the current Chinese (CCP) official media official propaganda, which can be said to be bottomless, both stupid and bad, stupid and bad of this quality.”