Explosive undercover video exposure: Zuckerberg equal to the king of 2 billion people! AI extremely dangerous prospects Biden…

Breitbart News reports that according to Project Veritas, Facebook’s global planning chief admits that Zuckerberg has more power than any king in history. Meanwhile, in the video, he tells more truths about AI and the U.S. 2020 presidential election.

In the latest undercover video, investigative journalism group Project Veritas reveals footage of Facebook’s global planning chief Benny Thomas emphasizing the need for the government to break up Facebook. Thomas added, “No king in the history of the world is the ruler of 2 billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is – and he’s 36 years old.”

In a recent report, the Truth Project released undercover video against Facebook’s global head of planning Benny Thomas, who revealed that he believes the government must break up Facebook and expressed concern about the power wielded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In an undercover video released by the Truth Project, Thomas can be heard saying, “I’ll break up Facebook, which means I’ll probably make less money – but I don’t care.” Just like that’s what needs to be done. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Oculus, WhatsApp – they all need to be separate companies. When they’re combined into one, there’s too much power.”

In discussing the power Mark Zuckerberg wields, Thomas said, “No king in the history of the world has ever been the ruler of 2 billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is – and he’s 36. For a 36-year-old, that’s too much. You shouldn’t have the power to control 2 billion people. I don’t think that’s right.”

Thomas added that Facebook has gotten away with so much because most people lack a general understanding of how the company operates: “Most people don’t understand these things and most people don’t think about these things – that’s why so many scandals have come out, because a lot of people aren’t paying attention.”

In discussing the issue of algorithmic bias, Thomas said, “There’s always a built-in [algorithmic] bias …… And guess what? Humans wrote that code.” He explained why the issue has gone on for so long, saying, “We revisited the algorithm, but it’s such a large and complex thing that it’s going to take Time to work it out. Honestly, I think we need to bite the bullet and do it faster, but if you do that, you’re also going to lose a lot of money.”

AI [artificial intelligence] is essentially evolving and becoming like human intelligence. Then it will surpass human intelligence, and at that point, humans will be irrelevant …… If you ever go on a picnic – we don’t take a minute to think about the ants we step on in the grass, do we? Starting with artificial intelligence, we will become like those ants …… So, I could be killing hundreds of ants while walking in the park, I don’t know, I don’t care. It’s not something I care about. We’ll be like those ants.” He said.

Thomas also said he believes Facebook’s voter registration campaign is one of the reasons Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, saying, “One thing that makes me happy is the voter registration campaign that I’m working on. That’s the good side of Facebook. It’s the kind of thing that can only be done by a company with the size and reach of Facebook. We set ourselves a goal of registering 4 million new people, and we exceeded that goal, we reached 4.5 million.”

The reporter said, “Wow, 4.5 million voters registered,” to which Thomas replied, “That’s a lot.” The reporter then mentioned Biden and asked, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how he [Biden] won. Do you think so?” Thomas replied, “That’s right, I think so, too.”