Myanmar’s violent crackdown escalates, dozens of Chinese-funded enterprises damaged Zhao Lijian avoids questions on ‘evacuation’

Myanmar’s military and police have again escalated their violent crackdown on anti-coup protests. According to Reuters, the Burmese military shot dead at least 22 protesters in Yangon’s Lae Daya district on Saturday after a Chinese-owned factory was set on fire, and another 16 protesters and one police officer were killed in other parts of the country, making it the deadliest and bloodiest day of violent crackdown since the military coup.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar also issued a statement on the same day, urging Myanmar to “take effective measures to stop all violence and punish the perpetrators according to the law”. But the statement did not mention the deaths and injuries of Burmese people.

The official Chinese newspaper Global Times revealed that as many as 32 Chinese companies in Myanmar have been damaged in the violence so far, with economic losses of up to 240 million yuan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was asked about the evacuation during a regular press conference in Beijing on Monday. Zhao Lijian said China is closely following the development of the situation and is very concerned about the impact on the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel. However, he did not give a direct response on the evacuation issue.