New York Church Schools Under Control? Guidelines issued to urge students not to call “Mom and Dad”

A private parochial school in Manhattan, New York, recently released a 12-page guide to “inclusive language” that seeks to remove words such as “dad, mom” and “Parents” from students’ vocabulary and instead use more “inclusive” words such as “grown-ups” and “people. ” from student vocabulary and instead use more “inclusive” words such as “grown-ups” and “folks. folks.

The Noho-based, expensive Grace Church School, which offers classes for middle school through 12th grade, recommends in a 12-page guide that instead of calling students “Dad” and “Mom,” students call them Instead of “mom” and “dad,” students are advised to refer to their “guardians” and so on. And instead of “babysitter,” they are called “caregiver.

The school states that families are made up in different ways, and that it wants to avoid offending people with “sensitive” words, or making specific assumptions about a Family‘s situation.

In addition, the school advises students not to wish their friends a “Merry Christmas” so as not to offend the beliefs of other ethnic groups.

It is important to note that this is a parochial school, and they claim that this practice values the dignity and worth of the common humanity. How do you evaluate this practice?

Chinese Congregation President Yu Jinshan said that America is a culturally, racially, religiously, and ideologically diverse society, and it is diversity that everyone should tolerate and respect, including the differences of each individual and the choices of each individual. “Respect and tolerance is not forcing every individual to be uniform, similar, uniformed.”

President Yu Jinshan said, “Eliminating the names of Mr. and Ms., dad and mom, and calling them all ‘comrades’ or ‘people’ is not tolerance and respect, but intolerance and disrespect. Christians wishing Merry Christmas and Muslims wishing Happy Eid are sharing the joy of faith, and this is a sign of tolerance and respect.”

He said, “What we want is a society that is tolerant and respectful of the different, the different, the many, the diverse. Otherwise if the names of what we think, say and believe are to be the same, wouldn’t we become North Korea?”