Calls for Cuomo’s resignation continue, Biden responds for the first time

On Sunday (March 14), Biden commented for the first Time on the scandal involving New York Governor Cuomo, refusing to call that Cuomo should resign and saying he wanted to wait for the results of the investigation into Cuomo.

Asked if Cuomo should resign, Biden told reporters, “I think the investigation is ongoing, and we should see what it brings.”

Cuomo, who faces sexual harassment and misconduct allegations from at least seven women, including many of his former aides, and dozens of other denunciations of workplace abuse, is also suspected of sending 9,000 infected patients to New York nursing homes and subsequently underreporting the number of nursing Home residents who died in the outbreak, and has been investigated by the FBI and impeached by the New York State Assembly as a result.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillbrand, along with most of New York State’s Democratic Assembly representatives, and many Democrats, including Assemblyman AOC, called for Cuomo’s resignation. Before that, New York City Mayor Michael White also issued criticism of Cuomo and said he should consider resigning.

Cuomo, 63, who is divorced, reiterated on March 12 that he would not resign and said it was “reckless” for politicians to call for his resignation before the investigation was completed.

On Sunday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) refused to call for Cuomo’s resignation and told ABC that Cuomo should be investigated to find out if he can govern effectively.