Hong Kong Democratic Front may be banned Members quit one after another

The Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front (HKFHRF), an organization that focuses on issues such as democracy and human rights, has recently been rumored to be banned by the Hong Kong police.

According to Singapore’s United Daily News, the Hong Kong police are investigating whether the FSD has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to organize activities, and if it is true, it may be banned for violating Hong Kong’s national security law.

In early March, the Hong Kong Democratic Front responded that it has never received funding from foreign governments or organizations, and that it has always been funded by donations from Hong Kong citizens.

Founded in 2002, the FDF has been the benchmark civil political organization in Hong Kong. They have called for a number of big marches during the 2019 anti-China delivery demonstrations, with the scale of the marches even exceeding one million.

Comprehensive news from the Hong Kong media, six groups, including the Democratic China Front, Hong Kong People’s Livelihood Association and Civic Party, have already indicated their withdrawal from the work of the Democratic Front, and the reasons for their withdrawal are mainly related to political risks. However, the groups including the Civic Party are themselves subject to targeted prosecution by the Hong Kong government.