CDC asks China to take lead in herd immunization Mutant virus found in Guangdong

China’s CDC director Gao Fu recently said that according to the current supply capacity of China’s new crown vaccine, the vaccination rate should be 70-80% by the end of this year to the middle of next year, leading the world in achieving “universal immunization”.

According to Taiwan‘s Central News Agency, the latest data released by Chinese officials show that the current number of vaccinations for the new vaccine in China is more than 52 million doses at the end of February.

According to another report by China News, Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm China Bio, recently said that the current transportation and human resources in different regions of China are not a small challenge for China to reach the goal of 1 billion people vaccinated.

On the other hand, the Guangdong Provincial CDC recently said to the public that a Nigerian variant of the virus was found in test samples from people infected with the new coronavirus, the third variant of the virus detected locally so far this year. Its transmission is strong and is currently prevalent in 26 countries, and may even lead to reinfection in people infected with New Coronavirus.