Biden, Hejinli continue to be silent New York Governor Cuomo’s staff are on strike

The Breitbart News reported Saturday that staffers of New York Gov. Cuomo, a Democrat, have not come to work out of protest due to mounting sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo.

An insider who knows some of the staffers told the New York Post, “I’ve heard that most don’t even show up for work and that the Assembly offices are empty.”

The New York Post reported that Gov. Cuomo refused to resign for a second Time on Friday, after which Cuomo’s staff began protesting and blaming the “Culture of cancellation” for the anger toward Cuomo.

A former aide said many staffers chose to work remotely and did not show up to work. Cuomo’s spokesman claimed Saturday that the “greatly exaggerated” claims about staff not showing up for work.

Despite Cuomo’s refusal to resign and despite his growing scandal, several prominent Democrats have called on Cuomo not to linger. Democratic U.S. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Democratic U.S. Representatives AOC and Schiff, and nine New York House Democrats are calling for Cuomo’s resignation. However, Biden and Hejli have said nothing about the Cuomo scandal and are currently saying nothing about the matter.