Trump EPA chief: carbon emissions reduction under Trump first in the West, the main media collective cover-up

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Trump‘s EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the Trump Administration has made tremendous environmental progress, with carbon emissions being reduced faster than any European ally and air pollution being reduced by 7 percent, yet the huge accomplishments are being collectively ignored by the establishment media.

Wheeler, who served as acting EPA administrator during the second half of Trump’s term, cited some of the progress made by the Trump EPA during the previous administration and warned that Biden‘s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement would have a negative impact on American consumers, taxpayers and workers, while allowing the Chinese Communist Party to “get away with doing nothing” on climate issues.

In an interview with reporters at the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Wheeler said of the Paris Climate Accord, “It will hurt American consumers as well as American taxpayers.

Wheeler noted, “Under the Trump administration, U.S. carbon emissions have been reduced faster than any of our European allies and there is absolutely no need to join the Paris Climate Agreement. Once the U.S. joins, it will have to pay massive amounts of money to other countries, and the Chinese Communist Party will be able to get out of it without doing anything about climate. “

Wheeler specifically noted that “countries like France and Germany are not meeting their obligations, but we in the U.S. always meet our obligations, so the Paris Climate Agreement hurts us and does no real good for the U.S. We are already reducing CO2 emissions faster than any other Western economy. “

Wheeler went on to say that these advances are being ignored by most people because the establishment media is not reporting on the Trump administration’s progress on these fronts. Wheeler told Breitbart News that an environment reporter for the New York Times told his press secretary two years ago that the New Times “would never write a positive news story about the Trump EPA.”

Wheeler commented, “It’s because the mainstream media doesn’t cover it that people don’t know about it, and these media just flat out refuse to acknowledge the great things that the Trump administration is doing.”

“Under the Trump administration, air pollution is down 7 percent. Water quality is at its cleanest level ever. The number of hazardous substance contaminated sites cleaned up by Superfund is the largest in a generation. In terms of enforcement, we’ve imposed twice as many civil and criminal penalties as we did in the first four years of the Obama administration,” Wheeler continued, “but if you’re reading the New York Times, it’s all been horrible and the media is so hypocritical.”

He went on to say that the mainstream media has largely ignored the progress the U.S. has made outside of the Paris Climate Agreement. “The establishment media thinks joining Paris is the right thing to do,” he said.

Wheeler emphasized that in addressing global carbon dioxide emissions, the U.S. has “developed technology, exported it to other countries, and we’ve done more than anything that will be accomplished under the Paris climate agreement.”

Wheeler also addressed Biden’s decision to cancel the Archstone pipeline, noting that canceling the pipeline’s construction not only hurts American workers, but also “the world’s environment.” When we depend on other countries for our natural gas and finished products, their production, energy, and environmental conditions are not only worse than the United States, but the environment will continue to deteriorate in order to produce products for the United States. We in the U.S. set the Gold standard for the environment, and producing these goods in the U.S. has the least impact on the environment. “

When we export jobs abroad,” Wheeler explained, “not only do we hurt American workers, but we also do terrible things to the environment of the country being exported. When we cancel the pipeline, when we decide to stop developing shale gas, it’s a lose-lose for America.”

Wheeler concluded by saying that this policy touted by the left benefits the Chinese Communist Party, not American workers and the world.