Yu Maochun: Wuhan Virus Institute biochemical safety standards are low, sooner or later an accident

The Hudson Institute held a symposium on Friday, March 12, on “The Source of the Chinese Communist Virus: Political Implications and Implications for the Future. Miles Yu, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo‘s chief China Policy and planning advisor, said at the conference that the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research has low biochemical safety standards and that it was only a matter of Time before an accident occurred.

According to Fox News, several experts participated in the meeting. Experts at the conference said safety at the Wuhan Institute has always been a problem.

Since the outbreak of the Sars (SARS) Epidemic (SARS epidemic) in 2003, China (the Communist Party) has been engaged in research on viruses that could be used in biochemical weapons,” Yu Maochun said. However, the biochemical safety standards in mainland laboratories are so low and also so dangerous that (a virus leak) is an accident that will happen sooner rather than later.”

When a team from the WHO (World health Organization) went on a site visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research in February, the team members did not wear biosafety suits, yet stayed in the institute for three hours. Relevant reports indicate that they had no contact with the researchers involved in the November 2019 infection and were not provided with relevant data, so they could not completely rule out the possibility that the virus may have been leaked from the institute.

David Asher, a former principal investigator at the State Department and now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, said at the conference that the CCP virus outbreak may have been caused by the leak of a biochemical weapon developed by the Chinese Communist military. The Chinese Communist military had begun investing in biochemical weapons research for the Wuhan virus study in 2017.

Asher spoke of his belief that the CCP has been hiding the truth about the CCP virus outbreak on a massive scale for the past 14 months. He said, “Wuhan Virus Research Institute is working on a hidden, classified project that, in my opinion, is a biochemical weapons project.” He also mentioned that he is not alone in holding this view.

Asher also believes that the Wuhan Virus Institute leaked the CCP virus, but probably not intentionally, and that it was likely the result of an oversight in the research and development process. However, “this virus has become the most powerful weapon in history.” He also said that back in 2016, the CCP publicly stated to mainland Chinese that the biochemical weapons program was a new priority in Xi Jinping‘s national security policy.