Foreign forces intervene in the pineapple war? Taiwan pineapples are blooming in Japan

Since March 1, China has suspended the import of Taiwan pineapples on the grounds of unsatisfactory inspection, which has affected Taiwan pineapple agriculture. All people began to buy pineapples to save pineapples, Taiwan pineapple has become the focus of major media reports in Japan, there are enthusiastic Japanese people made a “Taiwan pineapple map”, so that we know more clearly where to buy Taiwan pineapple in Japan.

Netizen in PTT gossip version to “Taiwan pineapple in Japan everywhere gossip” article pointed out, enthusiastic Japanese friends specially help to make a “Taiwan pineapple map”, earlier only stuff before the West Friends Department Store to buy pineapple, now even Aomori, Hida Takayama, Shikoku, Nagoya are available.

As The Japanese program has recently released “pineapple” information, he thought it had something to do with the promotion of the program, but the biggest contributor is China, and laughed and said “thank them”. Netizens see also said “Japan is also full of large market, can be sold to that side worthy of recognition”, “to help sell has been very grateful”, “Japanese people really have love and justice”.

This Time, a Japanese netizen shared on Twitter, Taiwan pineapple in the Japanese supermarket was snapped up the picture. Tsai also said that Taiwan pineapple, mango, dragon fruit TGAP (Good Agricultural Practice) 2020 PLUS, has recently been recognized by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, in line with the qualifications of the East Olympic ingredients, she also wants the Japanese people and so on, until the production season “big out”, there will be more Taiwan pineapple exported to Japan.