WHO Investigator Bribed by CCP to Openly Admit Refusal to View Wuhan Virus Institute Data

National Pulse reported over the weekend that Peter Daszak, the WHO Chinese Communist Party virus investigator who was recently exposed as having financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, revealed that he was responsible for convincing other investigators that there was no need to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology data.

Dr. Daszak’s research involves determining the bat origin of SARS, and on February 11 of this year Apollo.com reported how Daszak has worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology for nearly two decades, appeared on Global TV, and recently received “state funding from the Chinese Communist Party.

Datsyak worked for the World health Organization while covering for the Chinese Communist Party, which gave him the money. The Daily Caller reported that “Dr. Datsak, the only U.S. member of the WHO team and president of the EcoHealth Alliance, revealed during a panel discussion Wednesday that they did not ask to see the deleted Wuhan virus institute database because Datsak personally vouched for the lab, saying the data contained no relevant information about the origin of the Epidemic.” He felt he “basically knew what was in those databases.”

The database referred to here, which contained information on at least 16,000 virus samples, was removed in September 2019, a move Dazak said was due to the lab’s fear of being hacked.

This week, fellow Communist Party-funded WHO investigator Professor Marion Koopmans revealed that scientists working in the Wuhan lab were sick in the fall of 2019. That data has now apparently been removed.

Professor Koopmans is head of the Erasmus MC department of Viroscience in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the impact of rapidly spreading zoonotic virus infections on global population levels, with special emphasis on Food transmission. She has served as a consultant to the CDC and has authored research funded by the Chinese Communist Party.

National Pulse says Datsyak has so many interests associated with the CCP that his word cannot be trusted.