The mainland is too hard to live! 27-year-old guy buried alive in Hangzhou

A few days ago, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a 27 man, with a shovel to a cemetery to bury themselves alive, but fortunately was saved. The news once rushed on the hot search. The incident triggered a large number of netizens to resonate, many mainland netizens expressed the idea of light-heartedness, think it is too difficult to live.

On March 12, the mainland media reported that a 27-year-old man named Wang took a taxi with a shovel to a cemetery on March 5 and tried to bury himself alive. The cab driver called the police as soon as he was informed.

Wang Nan said he had been working alone in Hangzhou for three years and felt that he had achieved nothing and no one cared, so he had the idea of dying. The Parents of Wang Nan rushed to Hangzhou overnight after learning about it, and the three of them embraced each other and cried.

After the news was reported by the mainland media, it was once on the Weibo hot search list, and triggered a large number of netizens to resonate, many of them commented that they also have light thoughts, think it is too difficult to live.

Many netizens said they were heartbroken to see this, and although they were not there, they could still feel the desperation of the young man through the screen.

There are also netizens who say that under the raging “positive energy” propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party and the words “roll up your sleeves and do your best” and “2021 is the year of struggle” and so on, living hard has become a social reality that will hit you in the face in no Time. It has become a social reality that hits you in the face every minute.

Many people also said that they have had light thoughts, feeling that their psychological state is not right all the time, especially during the Epidemic last year, this despair reached its peak.

“It turns out that I’m not the only one who wants to bury myself.”

“In fact, I also want to bury myself, but have not dared, mainly because my parents are still ……”

“I also want to bury myself, always feel too hard to live, ‘up and down’, can not see any hope.!”

“Look cry, now work during the day, part-time delivery at night, only 5 hours of sleep a day, the pressure is really great! A little thing can crush me.”

“Sometimes when I get Home from work at night, I am too tired to walk on the side of the road and think, why not bury myself in a flower bed and take a nap, it depends on my Life if I die!”

“I also work in Hangzhou, almost two years, the salary can be more than back home, but excluding rent, Food, clothing, housing and transportation, the deposit is still very little.”

There are also netizens said, “The key is, did not buy a cemetery you buried also have to dig out, after all, a good lot of more than 100,000.” “Want to say that the cemetery is so expensive, I can not afford to buy a cemetery.” “Alas …… burial place can not afford to buy it …….”

“This is the bottom of the society under the prosperity of the dynasty, especially the cruel situation after the 90s, sad and lamentable social reality.”

In response to the news that the boy buried himself. Someone wrote a long article that the fast-paced, utilitarian society now makes young people increasingly stressed, many people are on the verge of an emotional breakdown, any small thing can become the straw that crushes young people. And this sub-healthy emotion is common among young people.

The article gives several examples, for example, in April 2019, Nanjing subway line 1, near the Xinjiekou station exit 9, a man in a suit lying on the ground can not afford, passers-by after the police, the man said he was 25 years old, talking about the years of struggle experience, several tears.

The man said that he did sales, drink with customers, life is not easy. That night in order to sign a single business, and go out to drink with customers, and can not sign into the news, the heart is quite aggrieved, so the emotional breakdown and cry.

In November of the same year, Wuhan, Hubei subway line 7 Xiaodongmen station, platform staff found a woman sitting in the aisle of the subway station, the woman broke down emotionally, bawling and said: they worked overtime for a month, too tired and too hard, do not know what to do, and do not know where to go. I don’t dare to go home and cry because I’m afraid to scare my Family.

The article says: How many people are now forced to do 996 work system. Everything in life has been taken away from them. In order to survive, many people are holding back their tears and carrying the weight.