EU’s new crown green passport temporarily excludes Chinese and Russian vaccines

In the face of a much-needed resumption of exchanges, the European Union is working on a “green passport” for the New Coronavirus, and on Friday, March 12, a source in Brussels said that the plan would consider only New Coronavirus vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency for the Time being. This means that Chinese and Russian vaccines will not be considered for the time being.

EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs Jurva Johansson said on Friday, via AFP and other media, that the EU wants to introduce an electronic document that will show the holder’s negative results of the nucleic acid test for New Crown, the presence or absence of antibodies, the presence or absence of vaccinations approved by the European Medicines Agency for New Crown, and other information. The EU is expected to formally announce the introduction of this electronic document next Wednesday.

Specifically, European citizens with an electronic “green passport” can present it on their cell phones to “demonstrate that they are highly unlikely to transmit the New Coronavirus, which will help those in need to travel more easily. For example, if you have already been vaccinated against Neocoron, you don’t need to do a nucleic acid test,” said EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Jurva Johansson.

So far, the European Medicines Agency has approved only four new crown vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Modena, AstraZeneca-Oxford, and Johnson & Johnson, which was just approved this week. Currently, the Russian Satellite V Neocrown vaccine, which has been ordered or is already in use in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Central European countries, as well as the Chinese Sinopharm Neocrown vaccine, do not hold a license from the European Medicines Agency for the time being. It is worth noting that the European Medicines Agency only began its review of the Russian Satellite V vaccine on March 4.