I have experienced the anger of drivers and the helplessness of passengers

My flat used to be particularly close to the airport. Jiuxianqiao, Beijingers probably know where it is. A taxi from the airport costs about 30 yuan.

As you may know, cab drivers have to queue up for customers at the airport, and it is said that the queuing Time is at least 30 minutes, and some say several hours. So drivers are holding back to pull a big job. I have encountered numerous times, the cab waiting area on the car, once said to Jiuxianqiao, the driver immediately collapsed. Good connotation, do not make a sound, but the disappointment and loss of emotions you can feel, in the car almost solidified into an entity, suffocating! The bad ones immediately face black, and then mouth nagging, cursing – not directly cursing me, mainly with lamenting their own bad Life way to release pressure, “Why, look at my life, wait a fucking hour, pull a Jiuxianqiao, fuck, really fucking back. ” Either that or blame yourself, “Why, I’ve been waiting all morning, all morning! When I got up in the morning and opened my eyes to pull a to the airport, I thought that the line on it, the line all morning — aigoo today’s share of money is hanging.”

Indeed not scolding me, but anyone can hear what it means. This is okay, encounter extraordinarily explosive temper, drive a sharp start and stop, weaving in and out of traffic, honking, crazy flashing headlights, action are permeated with the same determination to die. Each action is turned into a curse.

Of course I am not good, but what can I do …… right? I have not thought about giving the driver a little extra money, but it is not easy to ask, and I’m just a taxi, I know you are bad – and I can not blame me, right? I’m not the only one in the Jiuxianqiao and Wangjing area with hundreds of thousands of people! Blame me? Definitely not to blame, but I put myself into the driver’s shoes, and indeed I can understand that it is not easy. Of course the reason I would say, you do not always see you received me, you did not receive the past Fangshan? But this can not say so, especially can not I say …… Anyway, later every time I get off the plane to go to the unit is a bit of a psychological shadow.

Then suddenly one day it was good, the driver was all normal, and not angry, and not hold the fire to drive. I was very strange, but I could not ask questions, so I observed carefully – and then I found out that when pulling me, the driver would drive to the exit of the passenger area and the manager would say, “Go to Jiuxianqiao”. The administrator will tear off a ticket to the driver, I asked the driver what this ticket is for, the driver said, if you meet very close to the passenger, you will find the administrator to open a ticket, and then send the guests can return to the airport, with the ticket does not have to wait in line again, directly to carry passengers. So I just never saw an angry driver again.

Later on, drops can be booked for pick-ups and drop-offs, so I’m sure there will be even fewer such things.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. So since there is a net car, should never again take a cab out of the capital airport