The world is so big, but there is no room for a guide dog

“I don’t understand why it’s so hard,” a Shanghai aunt in her 50s bawled in front of the camera.

Auntie Liu is a blind person. For two years, she and her guide dog have been relentlessly “ostracized” and “evicted” by the entire neighborhood because of the dog’s defecation. She and her guide dog have been mercilessly “ostracized” and “evicted” by the whole neighborhood because of the dog’s defecation. During the day, when she walks with her dog in the neighborhood, the most common words she hears are: “It stinks”, “It’s disgusting. “Disgusting, the ground is full of dog urine” “You go away, go somewhere else, okay? “……

Eventually, Auntie Liu can only take the dog out of the district to solve the problem of urine, but outside the district, after all, the road is complicated, there are steps, a careless, they will fall ……

The guide dog is the extreme embodiment of the trait of “love and loyalty” in dogs. The story of the guide dog and its owner in the Film and Television works is very warm and touching, but the reality they face is cold and cruel.


A guide dog who was evicted en masse

Ever since Auntie Liu took Chad Home from the guide dog school in 2019, the dark-furred Labrador has been her eyes.

Chad leads Auntie Liu through the streets of traffic every day to take the subway and to the massage parlor to go to and from work. Auntie Liu had thought that her Life after having a guide dog would be more convenient and happier than it was, and that a guide dog is gentle and well-behaved and brings strong emotional comfort.

But what Auntie Liu never expected was that she and Chad would become the target of the community’s attention because of the defecation problem, and the neighbors kept complaining to the neighborhood committee and 12345 about Auntie Liu, who thought the guide dog’s defecation smelled too bad.

Guide dogs do have some different characteristics from ordinary pet dogs, their breeds are usually Labrador or Golden Retriever, larger in size, and their own bowel movements are larger.

And as long as the body is wearing a saddle, the guide dog must immediately enter the working state can not urinate and defecate, so the guide dog must learn to hold urine, so the single urine volume is also relatively large.

The female dog’s urine and faeces can be solved by putting on a plastic bag, but a male dog like Chad can only poop in the bag, urine fixed defecation.

But what Auntie Liu does not understand is that even though guide dogs have a lot of special, there are actually a lot of dog owners in the community, dog poop can be seen everywhere, walking dogs without a leash, unlicensed dogs are also in the minority, so why just focus on her and Chad to find fault?

Chad’s first defecation spot in his new home was originally located on the fork in the road between the two buildings. Since Auntie Liu took Charlie to defecate, there have been neighbors who squatted here, insisted on spotting the card, clicked a photo of a fresh puddle of dog urine and sent it to the owners’ group, “Today at 7 o’clock, and brought the dog out “.

Under their hounding, Auntie Liu and Chad, was forced to move to a second spotted defecation place – a remote corner of the district without residents, and sometimes people leave their garbage there.

But soon Auntie Liu was complained again, someone said, there is a pump room nearby, the dog defecation will pollute the water.

Can come up with “pollution of water” this reason, the complainant’s imagination is not generally rich, these days, Shanghai residents still rely on their own pumping groundwater to live?

According to the Oriental Network, the reporter interviewed the residents of this community, some people clarified that their original words were not to dislike the guide dogs polluted water, hoping to “debunk” the rumor. Their original intention was – “the stench is too big, and too close to the pump room, a link to the water to drink also feel disgusted. “

Is this a “disinformation”?

Because the association is too rich, it feels as if the water in the water room is also subject to dog urine “air pollution”, it is still the guide dog The third defecation site of Chad is the one where the dog’s urine is found.

Chad’s third defecation point is close to the community fence, where the day is an open space, someone parked at night, not two days later, Auntie Liu again by the owners of complaints: “You go to the flower bed inside, okay, do not splash to our car good felling “.

There are also owners complaining that a large puddle of dog urine under their own cars, which really makes it very inconvenient for her to get into the car.

The proposal to let Chad also defecate inside the flower bed like other dogs seems feasible, but it could easily lead to an accident. The grass planted in the flowerbeds in the area is very high, and entering the flowerbeds is equivalent to crossing an obstacle, which can undo the training the guide dog has received and make it think it is okay to cross the obstacle and take the blind person into the obstacle.

Auntie Liu and Chad were again complained about a fourth place to defecate: the concrete floor next to the flower bed downstairs. But it didn’t take long for the residents closest to the flower bed to also be too smelly and complain about Auntie Liu.

So, after Auntie Liu adopted her guide dog and the neighborhood committee discussed four fixed defecation locations, all of which were “blocked” by residents’ complaints.

The neighbors, like a discussion, took turns watching the blind and her guide dog complaints reported that the dog was wrong no matter what they did.

Auntie Liu and her neighbors did have a more violent conflict, and at the Time it went to the police. That morning, Auntie Liu and the next door neighbor had a verbal altercation, the other party threatened to drug and poison Chad.

In the evening Auntie Liu found that the dog was really injured, most likely by someone who maliciously stabbed Chad with a sharp object.

Many people, eyes are brighter than Auntie Liu, but the heart is a dark.

The neighborhood committee, which cannot be said to be inactive, suggested that Auntie Liu carry a bucket of water every day to clean up the dog’s urine.

This seemingly ordinary task is an extremely difficult one for blind Auntie Liu, who is in her 50s. She has to carry a bucket of water every time she goes out with a bag in one hand and a dog in the other, which is really beyond her capacity.

After several unsuccessful coordination, the neighborhood committee finally came to the conclusion that our neighborhood is not suitable for large dogs, so Auntie Liu took her dog outside the neighborhood to defecate.

But the bigger problem came, the street outside the district is complicated, the traffic. This time, the monitoring captured the picture of Auntie Liu with the dog out to defecate accidentally fell, only to attract a lot of attention.

But sources said that this is not the first time that Auntie Liu fell.

Even when it is raining heavily, Auntie Liu must take Chad farther and more dangerously outside the neighborhood. Once someone found out that Auntie Liu took Chad to defecate in the neighborhood, and immediately called to complain about her.

It’s not easy for Auntie Liu, and it’s not easy for Chad either. Guide dogs are sensitive and attentive dogs, after feeling the unfriendly outside world, Chad once did not eat and drink, perhaps to actively reduce defecation, perhaps there is an emotional problem …… Auntie Liu tried to get him to eat, but sometimes eat in the morning, the afternoon will be vomited out.

And the unkindness of the residents of the community continues.

Some residents dislike Auntie Liu can not sort the garbage: “use their Blindness as an excuse not to sort the garbage! “

Another resident dislikes the aunt after hearing that she is afraid of dogs, not the first time to bounce away, but argued: “Guide dogs do not bite people …… ” (Other dogs do not dare to guarantee that guide dogs are really not hurt people)

Some residents will also educate Auntie Liu face to face: “a little to speak a little civilized, know felling? “

If the one holding Chad is a strong man of 2 meters in height and normal vision, I wonder if these neighbors will still be so vocal and ask him to be civilized?


Please don’t close your eyes and imagine the life of a blind person

In fact, neighbor disputes aside, it is not incomprehensible that the entire neighborhood residents and the neighborhood committee reacted to the guide dog, after all, almost all of us have no experience in dealing with these things.

The prevalence of guide dogs in China is extremely low. There are 17.1 million visually impaired people in China, 8 million of whom are blind, but even with the retired and serving guide dogs combined, there are less than 300 of them.

In 2004, when the hit Japanese movie “Q the Guide Dog” was released, there was no guide dog training facility in China.

Two years later, the first guide dog training base in China was established in Dalian, and 50,000 blind people applied to adopt a guide dog at that time, and only two guide dogs were produced in the country that year, and the queue of people who wanted to adopt them was 10 years long.

Even now, there are actually very few guide dogs living in various neighborhoods across the country, and there is little experience in solving this problem.

Although the specific environment of each country and region is different and cannot be compared one by one, it is still interesting to know, if the smell emitted by the urine of guide dogs is really so strong, how this problem is solved in Europe and the United States where the popularity of guide dogs is much higher.

There is a question on Quora: How do blind people clean up their guide dogs’ poo?

A blind person who has walked with a guide dog for 30 years answered, “If you pee, it’s just like a normal dog, we don’t do anything with it. When a guide dog poops, it gives a signal, and we put a plastic bag over it before it poops. “

This blind person and Auntie Liu handled the situation in basically the exact same way, but it seems that no one focused on handling the guide dog’s urine because it was the same as a normal dog.

Another blind person in the UK said, “Although most of us, who are blind, take the initiative to clean up our dogs’ poop, the law in the UK exempts blind people from the obligation to help pick up their dogs’ poop, whereas if another sighted person is accompanying them, the companion should pick up the dog’s poop. “

The Association for the Blind still teaches blind people to help guide dogs pick up their poop, but this top-down exemption from the rules at least contains a sense of tolerance and consideration for the disadvantaged, rather than being all powerful and harsh in making all kinds of demands on blind people.

It’s not like when Auntie Liu’s incident came to light on the internet and someone accused her with open teeth and claws.

It seems that this aunt has a problem, the blind dog can be a privilege? This is not “I am weak, I have a reason”? Guide dogs are polluting everyone’s living environment, ah, blind people want to be free, the community residents do not live?

In this dispute, is it not obvious enough who is stronger and who is weaker?

Auntie Liu’s guide dog defecation, such a small matter, has not been properly resolved, but also in the network has sparked 220 million people’s attention.

Ultimately, it’s because we ordinary people know too little about blind people and even other people with disabilities, and the acceptance level is too low.

In reality, guide dogs are not the only ones who “find fault” with the community where Auntie Liu lives, and being denied access is the norm in the daily lives of guide dogs and blind people.

Many blind people want to own a guide dog, but what they don’t know is that adopting a guide dog can be the beginning of trouble.

In addition to taking care of the dog’s daily routine – large dogs are often expensive – they face a variety of rejection scenarios.

They have to be prepared for a fight with various security guards, gatekeepers and security personnel at all times, which ends up leaving both the dog and the person physically and emotionally exhausted.

Rejected dogs into the supermarket, security guards think: “Guide dogs are dogs, dogs are pets, pets can not enter. “

Drivers do not allow guide dogs on the bus, because “what if a passenger is afraid of guide dogs? ” “If the guide dog bite how to do? “

What people don’t know is that the guide dog screening standards are extremely stringent, the first three generations of ancestors must not have any injury records to be selected, and the elimination rate of up to 50% of the guide dog training, those aggressive dogs have long been eliminated.

The history of guide dog training around the world has been more than 100 years, and there has never been any incident of injury to a guide dog.

The Beijing subway did not allow guide dogs on public transportation until 2015. The policy was made possible by the struggle of Chen Yan, a blind piano tuner. She had been denied access to the Tiantongyuan subway station eight times before that, protesting once she was denied access, speaking out through the media and expanding her influence to win this right for blind people and guide dogs.

But until now, there are also local regulations that make it mandatory for guide dogs to wear a muzzle when entering the subway. People don’t realize that guide dogs can’t achieve their working function with just their eyes, they need to smell and the studio needs to use their mouths to dissipate heat ……

When blind singer Zhou Yunpeng was refused permission to bring his guide dog into the hotel, the hotel responded by expressing concern that the guide dog’s hair would enter other rooms through the ventilation system or cause discomfort to other residents.

Even in our opinion, this concern is as absurd as Auntie Liu’s neighborhood saying Chad, “the dog urine stinks and pollutes the water. -But if someone wants to pick a fight, and is unwilling to accept a guide dog from the bottom of their heart, they can always find a reason.

For a long time, blind people have been a neglected group in mainstream society.

Although the entire blind population is huge – 17.1 million visually impaired people and 8 million totally blind people, the equivalent of the resident population of Shenyang – they are too rarely in the public eye.

The blind lanes in the streets are either “designed to die” or forcibly occupied, and nowadays, when someone is able to adopt a guide dog, he or she runs into barriers everywhere.

A guide dog does not allow the blind to have the freedom to travel, a more important necessity is the understanding and tolerance of society as a whole.