Brainiac! Taiwan army wants to take instant noodles to attract PLA ‘surrender’ to Taiwanese netizens’ ridicule

Taiwan’s defense department recently began to show their strange brain, big push “surrender food”, including “surrender instant noodles”, “surrender egg rolls” and so on. Taiwan’s defense department in charge on the 22nd also hooted, the PLA to “surrender” words will accept. Taiwan netizens call out the Taiwan army is simply too ridiculous, “think too much, worry about yourself first”.

According to Taiwan’s TVBS, Taiwan’s defense department is pushing “surrender food”, including instant noodles, egg rolls and other food, egg roll packaging in simplified Chinese characters written on the so-called “5 steps to surrender”: “put down your weapons, hold your hands up, hold this”. Egg roll box, surrender to our army, go home for reunion.” On the outside of the instant noodle package, it reads in simplified Chinese: “Please keep this instant noodle, put down your weapons and surrender, we guarantee hot water and safety.” A map of the location of the latest “surrender” was also printed on the package.

It was reported that DPP legislator Wang Dingyu was discussing in the Taiwan legislature about the project “Taiwan army to enhance the reserve combat power”, and showed the defense department’s “Heart Warfare Brigade” to launch it. “Surrender food” photo, he asked, assuming that the PLA is flying “swinging its wings to state that it wants to surrender”, will Taiwan’s defence department accept it? In this regard, Taiwan’s defense department head Yan De-Fa went so far as to call out “will accept”.

The “heart warfare brigade” of Taiwan’s defense department also claimed that the “surrender food” used to be issued on the battlefield, the defense department performed a simple “heart warfare” training days ago, let the officers and soldiers to exert their creativity to do the works, mainly used as training, there is no mass production.

The Taiwanese army used a strange brain to make “surrender food”, but also assumed that the PLA would “surrender”, is really let Taiwan netizens can’t help but mock, to taste the comments of Taiwan netizens.

“Think too much, worry about yourself first.” “Probably ‘Jue Qing’ will only surrender.”

The Taiwanese army is not a joke because of the so-called “war of hearts”. A “legislative committee” has bluntly stated that the content is out of date, “The possibility of us asking them (PLA) to surrender is limited.”

When will the DPP authorities, who frequently show their downlines, understand that “refusing unification by force” is a dead end?