Officials’ despicable female auxiliary police officer had an affair with at least 9 Chinese Communist Party officials, the verdict revealed that the police nationwide pressure to delete the post

The case of Xu Yan, an auxiliary police officer who extorted and blackmailed officials, was exposed, and the judgment information was quickly removed from the Judgment website.

A 90-year-old female auxiliary police officer in Jiangsu province became the mistress of a number of officials in five years, and then demanded a lot, making a total profit of nearly 4 million yuan. At the end of last year, he was sentenced to 13 years for extortion by the authorities. The verdict of the case recently came to light and immediately sparked public attention, with netizens particularly concerned about the suspected corruption of the officials involved. The police, however, pressured the media and concerned individuals to delete the post, which backfired and led to another scandal.

Mr. Ho, a legal professional who was asked by the police to delete the post, provided this station with a recording of a phone call with the police, during which the police admitted that the content of the web post involved civil servants and had a negative impact on the government, and said that it was his superiors who asked to delete the post.

(Call recording)
Jiangsu net police: Did you post a verdict ah?
Mr. He: Yes.
Jiangsu net police: can you help us down?
Mr. He: That is a public verdict, why do you want to drop it? How do you know that microblog is mine?
Jiangsu net police: that I am …… Public Security Bureau.
Mr. He: the Public Security Bureau can just check the phone number inside that is who?
Jiangsu net police: I’ll discuss with you, see if it’s okay.
Mr. He: We are following the rule of law ah, is not it? Should let everyone learn how this court is sentenced.
Jiangsu net police: Ha ha, your idea I also understand. How to say it, it does involve some public officials well, this thing in our side of the beginning of the negative impact has been very big, and now this verdict out, into chaos. We are a grouping of well, leadership arrangements, arrangements to us, I will contact you.
Mr. He: Then you talk to the leader, I am to let everyone know how the court is sentenced, for example, tell this little girl, do not go around every day to sleep with this leading cadres.
Jiangsu net police: ha ha.
Mr. He: sleep after asking for money, is a crime. I just want to tell everyone such a common sense. You and the leader will tell him my original words on the line.
Jiangsu net police: good good, goodbye.

For his part, media personality Hong Tao told the station that the official obscenity scandal, which came to light on Thursday (11), immediately ignited public opinion, with netizens arguing that the officials involved were suspected of corruption but were not pursued. The police in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, were quick to “put out the fire” because of the public opinion on official and judicial issues, and called informants from around the country directly to delete the post.

Hong Tao said: that lawyer, just two or three minutes after sending out, the Internet police phone calls came to the door, asking to delete the post. Several of my friends have been called to find the bar. They themselves have been sent to the Chinese Magistrate’s Office, ah, just a blackmail party, the female auxiliary police, sentenced so heavily, but she blackmailed the deputy director, the police station chief, the hospital director, the school principal, those are public officials, easily hundreds of thousands, millions of to plug a female auxiliary police mouth, where they come from so much money? Have you dealt with it? They are unable to justify this problem. So that now anxious in the world to delete the post chant.

The heroine of the scandal is Xu Yan, a female auxiliary police officer in Lianyungang, who was arrested a year and a half ago and was sentenced to 13 years in prison for extortion until December 29 last year, with a fine of 5 million and the recovery of 3.726 million yuan of her extortion proceeds.

According to the court verdict of Gounan County, which came to light only recently, Xu Yan, who was only 19 years old in 2014, had sexual relations with nine public officials simultaneously or uninterruptedly since the beginning of the five-year period, and demanded financial compensation. Among those blackmailed were two police station chiefs, two deputy directors of Lianyungang district and county public security bureaus, a hospital vice president, an elementary school principal, a union president of a government agency, and two other unranked individuals. According to informants, Xu Yan’s case may involve more people being blackmailed, and not all parties are currently exposed.

The station called the Procuratorate of Gounan County, which admitted that the processing of the civil servants involved in the case has not yet begun. He said the situation is confidential, no obligation to disclose to reporters.

The county procuratorate: I know what you said about this matter, we can not disclose to you. We have not started this internal processing, are not out, are confidential, you have to ask, what are you trying to do?

The list of scandals includes Liu Xiangbing, who was deputy director of the Haizhou Branch of the Lianyungang Public Security Bureau and was extorted for 1.28 million. He fell a month before Xu Yan was arrested in May 2019, and the court verdict said he received more than 700,000 yuan in bribes. But he was only sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

Our correspondent could not reach Xu Yan’s relatives for comment. Li Songping, who served as Xu Yan’s defense lawyer, did not answer the reporter’s calls, and it was unclear whether he was an official lawyer. The local officials also did not disclose how Xu Yan became an auxiliary police officer.