Punishing the Chinese Communist Party for Covering Up the Epidemic U.S. Senator Proposes Mast Withholding Trillion Dollar Debt

Fox News reported on March 11 that U.S. senators are demanding that the Chinese Communist Party be held accountable for concealing the Epidemic and that the U.S. debt to the Chinese Communist Party be seized (Photo credit: Twitter screenshot).

U.S. Senator Brain Mast (R-Iowa) filed a bill on Thursday, March 11, calling on the U.S. government to permanently withhold $1 trillion in U.S. debt to the Communist Party of China (CPC) to offset the economic damage caused to the U.S. by the CPC virus epidemic, and to encourage other countries to do the same, in response to the CPC’s cover-up of the virus epidemic that led to the global pandemic.

Mast tweeted Thursday, “Today I am introducing a bill that will hold the CCP accountable for its lack of transparency and misleading the international community during the CCP virus epidemic.”

U.S. Senator Mast submitted a bill on March 11 that would require the U.S. government to withhold $1.09 trillion owed to the Chinese Communist Party to offset the economic losses to the U.S. caused by the Communist Party’s viral epidemic (Photo credit: screenshot of Mast’s tweet).

In the bill he submitted, Mast condemned the Chinese Communist Party for concealing the outbreak during the CCP virus epidemic. The bill reads, “The United States and other countries should permanently seize debts owed by their countries to the Chinese Communist Party that are equal to the public costs incurred by those countries as a result of the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for improper control of the epidemic during the outbreak.”

The bill also alleges that the CCP concealed information about the CCP virus data and concealed the outbreak during the outbreak through appalling human rights violations and an aggressive disinformation campaign on the mainland and around the world, and that the CCP continues to obstruct international efforts to investigate the source of the CCP virus.

Mast told Fox News that the CCP’s complete lack of transparency and mismanagement during the outbreak has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the United States, cost millions of jobs and caused immeasurable damage to the U.S. economy.

He said, “The U.S. Congress must prioritize the United States by forcing them to compensate for the damage the outbreak has caused to the United States and hold the CCP accountable for its cover-up during the outbreak.”

Mast’s office said U.S. Treasury Department figures for November 2019 show that the U.S. government owes a total of $1.063 trillion to the Chinese Communist Party.

Wuhan saw patients infected with the CCP virus at least as early as November 2019, and local physicians reflected the outbreak as a human-to-human epidemic on Dec. 8, 2019, but the CCP did not report the situation to the WHO until Dec. 31, 2019.

According to the WHO’s International health Regulations, updated in 2003, member states must “report to WHO any matter that may trigger an international public health emergency after 24 hours of assessment and provide the organization with all relevant public health information, including laboratory test results.”

A report released last year by the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee noted that if the CCP had met its obligations under international law, it could have reduced the number of patients by 95 percent.

The CCP virus epidemic has infected 118 million people worldwide with the CCP virus and killed more than 2.6 million (not including China, where the real numbers are not available because of the CCP’s cover-up). In the United States, 29.15 million people were infected and 529,000 died.