No green card implications for welfare recipients! Biden Administration Officially Repeals Green Card “Public Burden” Rule

New York State Attorney General Letitia James (D) issued a statement on the 9th to celebrate. “Today, we removed this case and reinstated the temporary injunction that was initially sought (on the public affordability provision), ensuring that those immigrants in New York State and other states can choose between their immigration status and the support necessary to survive.” She said, “I look forward to continuing to work with the Biden-Hoakam administration to bring immigrants out of the shadows and help rebuild our economy and the public health of our nation.”

Mayor Michael White also issued a statement, “Today, hundreds of New Yorkers can breathe easier knowing that the Trump administration’s public affordability rules are over.”

The so-called “public charge policy” refers to a new rule adopted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2019 that requires DHS to consider whether a new immigrant has the potential to use U.S. public benefits when deciding whether he or she can enter the United States, i.e., whether he or she has the potential to become a “public charge.” public charge”.

Ken Cuccinelli, then acting director of the INS, interpreted this rule to mean that the U.S. government wanted immigrants to be “self-sufficient” in the future, “a core principle of the American dream.

But the reasoning of the Biden Administration, the New York State government and the Attorney General and other leftist Democrats, in the words of Jen Leixia, is that “the United States has always allowed legal immigrants with more than five years of residency to apply for welfare; but the 2019 change in the DHS definition of public charge allows immigrants who accept welfare policies that were not considered a ‘public charge ‘ welfare policies become ‘public burdens,’ a conversion that impedes the right of immigrants who legally use welfare to become permanent residents or extend their visas.”