Hundreds of U.S. sightings of UFOs

A UFO sighting occurred in Kansas, USA recently. The local TV station sent a reporter on a small plane to investigate. This is a diagram of the UFO. (Shutterstock)

March 4 in Wichita, Kansas, the largest city in the state. A number of witnesses captured UFO footage and shared it on social media, and Internet users had different opinions about what the object really was.

Most witnesses said they saw a fast-moving object, but it didn’t appear to be a plane. Mahler, a local resident, told KAKE TV that he was driving from Home to work after lunch when he saw the bright object in the sky on his way.

It was surprising, we live near the airport, but it certainly wasn’t a plane,” he said. There were rumors that it was an Abbey Group advertising plane, and that conclusion doesn’t hold water. Because, the bright object moved really fast, bright and clear, and then it disappeared.”

After receiving numerous calls and messages from the public, KAKE-TV sent reporter Eli Higgins to investigate. He hovered over the city in a small plane but did not see any strange objects, and the airport’s tower did not notice anything unusual.