Pakistani court orders ban on TikTok due to indecent content

On Thursday (March 11), Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court ruled that Pakistani authorities should “immediately ban” the social video network service TikTok because its video content is “unacceptable to Pakistani society. “This is the second Time Pakistan has banned TikTok. This is the second time Pakistan has banned TikTok.

The ruling was issued by Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan of the Peshawar High Court, who said the videos uploaded on TikTok were indecent and “unacceptable to Pakistani society. He added that the people most affected by TikTok are the youth and that ” TikTok videos are spreading obscene content and it should be blocked immediately.”

On Oct. 9 last year, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority decided to ban TikTok in the country on the grounds that it allowed “immoral content” to be distributed on the platform, which had a negative social impact, but the ban was later lifted.

As early as July last year, Pakistan’s telecom regulator issued a “final warning” to TikTok, criticizing the “explicit content” on its platform. Reuters reports that Pakistani authorities have repeatedly asked TikTok to block immoral and indecent content, but have failed to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, on October 9, Pakistan decided to ban the use of TikTok completely.

However, the management of TikTok has since promised the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that it will rectify the situation in accordance with Pakistan’s social norms and laws. So after a brief 10-day ban, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announced the lifting of the ban on TikTok.

Due to security and user privacy concerns, TikTok is facing siege from several countries around the world. India has already banned the software, and the US, Australia and Japan are also under strict review. Recently the EU’s main data protection regulator also said that TikTok may pass data of users from EU countries to China.