Biden’s state of mind is a mystery because he can’t call out the name of the defense grown

When introducing the two new commanders of the U.S. Department of Defense, President Biden, a 78-year-old Democrat, publicly forgot the name of Secretary of Defense Austin and used the words “general” and “the guy who runs this military unit” instead. The media, such as “Fox News” and “Newsmax”, caught the handle, so that his campaign was questioned when the mental and cognitive problems surfaced again.

Famous mouth: Trump worked until the early hours of the morning Biden went to bed early

The former President Trump’s talk show host, Fox News commentator Hannity, saw Biden’s eight days and out of the bag, nine allegations that the Biden Administration is trying to hide his mental acuity “decline” of the problem, “Americans deserve answers, he hardly any public activity. His vice president, He Jinli, is carrying the sole responsibility of making decisions with world leaders, which should be the job of the commander in chief of the three armed forces.” Hannity also brought out reports that Biden went to bed early every day, while Trump was still working into the wee hours of the morning before he left office at age 74.

After Biden took office on January 20, he has not yet held a separate press conference, and White House spokeswoman Sharkey has refused to give a clear timetable. Hannity believes that “they are clearly trying to stall for Time” and “they definitely know that Joe Biden is struggling with Perception. The White House spokesman also refused to give a clear timetable. We have the right to know the truth”.

Former White House political advisor: Democrats will soon invoke a constitutional amendment to blast him out of office

The former White House political adviser Morris, who worked under the Clinton administration of the Democratic Party, told Newsmax TV six days ago that no president of the United States has ever been like Biden, who “disappeared from the beginning”. Four years ago, the first two months in power satisfaction are higher than him. He believes Democrats will soon invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Biden, who has “lost the ability to carry out the powers and responsibilities of the President”.

33% of Americans Dissatisfied with Biden’s Mental Acuity

According to a poll conducted by Business Insider last month, 33% of Americans are dissatisfied with Biden’s mental acuity, although 61% are very confident; half of Republican voters are “not at all confident” in Biden’s mental acuity. Half of Republican voters are “not at all confident” that Biden is mentally sharp, the highest number ever recorded, while nearly 70% of Democratic voters are “extremely confident” or “very confident” that Biden has the cognitive ability to carry out his presidency. During the campaign and after his election, Biden has had several embarrassing incidents of mispronouncing or not remembering people’s names.