Taiwan media: “Insider” to help the Chinese Communist Party’s scientific enterprises to poach Taiwan semiconductor talent

It is suspected that WGS, Core Road and other companies have set up private R&D centers in cooperation with mainland Chinese chip design companies, formed high-paid poaching groups and poached hundreds of Taiwanese semiconductor talents in three years, which are involved in violating the cross-strait people’s relations regulations. The prosecution today divided into seven search, interviewed 19 people.

The New Taipei District Public Prosecutor’s Office was reported to have alleged that IGS Technology Co., Ltd. and Core Road Internet Co., Ltd. cooperated with a mainland Chinese chip design company to develop AI chips through joint investment in new start-up companies to form a poaching team.

According to the investigation conducted by the prosecutor, the poaching team consists of former R&D personnel of domestic IC design companies as the chairman of the newly established company on the mainland, and they have brought in the old Family members of the former company, set up a large R&D center privately in Taiwan, and then used high salaries of more than two times the original annual salary to poach R&D talents with superior R&D capabilities.

The prosecution issued a press release today stating that prosecutor Hong Songbiao of the special group for black money laundering today directed the New Taipei City Investigation Office to search seven places, including Smart IGS and Core Road, and seize payroll passbooks, employee confidentiality agreements, admission notices, employee rosters, employment contracts, electromagnetic records, cell phones, laptops and other exhibits.

Another interview with the company involved in the violation of the regulations on relations between the people of Taiwan and the mainland, including the surname Yan, Huang, Wu, Cao and other 19 people.

The prosecution said that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the mainland business, semiconductor industry, legal entities, people shall not come to Taiwan to invest, set up semiconductor industry companies or branches, sub according to the regulations on relations between the people of Taiwan and the mainland, the people of the mainland to Taiwan investment licensing measures, not by the competent authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Investment Review Committee permission, and the establishment of branches or offices in Taiwan, shall not be engaged in Taiwan business activities.

The prosecution stressed that in response to the Chinese mainland actively poaching its semiconductor talents with high salaries, it will work with the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau to strengthen the investigation of related cases to ensure the development of high-tech industries, maintain the competitive edge of the industry and consolidate the national economic lifeline.