Horror! Study: UK variant of virus is 100% more deadly than old one

The Chinese communist virus disease (COVID-19) has been in circulation for more than a year, with at least 117.51 million cases diagnosed and more than 2.61 million deaths worldwide. The latest British research report points out that last September in the United Kingdom for the first Time found more infectious Chinese communist virus variant B117 has spread to more than 100 countries around the world, and the death rate is 30% to 100% higher than the previous viruses.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal on the 10th, compared the mortality rate of patients infected with the B117 variant of the virus with those infected with other viruses and found that 227 people died among 54,906 samples infected with B117, while the same 54,906 samples infected with other variants of the virus had only 141 deaths.

The scientists noted that variant B117 has 23 mutations, some of which make it more infectious, about 40 to 70 percent more infectious than some of the previous major Epidemic CCP viruses, and “significantly more lethal” than other viruses; Exeter University (UK) researcher Robert Charron, who co-led the study, said that the virus is more infectious than other viruses. Robert Challen, the Exeter University researcher who co-led the study, said the high lethality rate, combined with the ability to spread rapidly, makes B117 a threat that should be taken seriously.

The vaccine’s ability to deal with key viral mutations has become an issue of concern as the world ramps up vaccination efforts due to the potential for the Chinese communist virus to mutate.