Former U.S. CIA official exposes left media’s pro-communist, anti-US behavior for profit

Charles Faddis, a former CIA official, recently wrote an article naming the leftist media in the United States for collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party in its attacks on the United States and exposing its commercial interests in China.

Faddis said that all major U.S. media outlets, except the more conservative ones, are mostly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. “What they report is what the CCP wants them to report, and what they say is what the CCP wants them to say.”

In his article, Fattis points out that the leftist media have significant business interests with China (the CCP): they work with the official CCP media to insert advertising supplements into U.S. newspapers to promote the CCP; they do business with companies such as huawei, which is effectively controlled by the CCP; they invest in CCP industries; they set up factories in the CCP where major products are manufactured; they have significant bookkeeping and organizational ties with the CCP; they transfer billions of dollars from the U.S. to the CCP funds from the U.S. to help finance it; and so on.

Left media outlets named by Fattis include: The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Microsoft-NBC and NBC, ABC and Bloomberg.

Fattis said Americans should not be surprised and shocked when they turn on their TVs to see the president of the United States and law enforcement being condemned and to see actions that celebrate Marxists and revolutionaries. This is because there are “CCP lackeys” in the U.S. media who are motivated by their interests to be pro-communist and anti-American, and everything they do is the result of the CCP’s united war.

Recently, the Media Research Center, a conservative group, studied the evening news from January 17 to March 13, and of the 634 minutes of coverage related to the CCP virus, only 3 minutes and 14 seconds of the coverage was critical of the CCP government. In 20% of the relevant stories, the reporter cited CCP statistics. Those statistics, considered fraudulent by most objective observers, went unchallenged in 97% of the left media coverage.

In its editorial “The Devil Rules Our World,” the Epoch Times analyzed the reasons for the media’s leftward drift by pointing out that a very important reason was the massive leftist radical social movement that took place in the United States in the 1960s, influenced by communist thinking. Those radical students later swung into the media, academia, the upper class, government agencies, media, and the arts to seize the discourse.

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has actively and aggressively infiltrated the U.S. media, using large amounts of cash and the Chinese market as a lure to buy many media outlets that claim to have a “free press.

Helen Raleigh, a contributor to the conservative online magazine The Federalist, noted, “You often see representatives of U.S. companies with financial ties to China [the CCP] naturally becoming defenders of CCP policies and spreading CCP propaganda.”