CNN anchor wears underwear on camera, says he wants to “humanize” the news

CNN anchor Brian Stelter, who claimed he wanted to “humanize the news” by wearing underwear on camera.

CNN TV anchor and chief media correspondent Brian Stelter went on air on March 7 wearing only his underwear underneath, while his co-star Wolf Blitzer also wore underwear, according to a report in the National Archives on Monday, March 8. In response, Stelter gave the reason to make his show more “humane”.

Before the broadcast, Stetter said, “I can be on CNN for about two minutes to talk to Blitzer about the blocking of Trump‘s Twitter account.” CNN’s television screen then showed a full-body shot of Stetter in his underwear, while on the other side of the camera was Blitzer, who was also wearing only his underwear underneath.

The media commented that the CNN footage was “disgusting” and made the show “seem like a lingerie show. Critics also questioned, “Why would Stetter air this clip of him, filmed live without his pants on?”

Critics also said that although CNN’s hosts have tried to demonstrate the “humanity” of their broadcast by wearing underwear on camera, its ratings are still at an all-Time low.

The National Archives reported that Staite is a longtime “anti-Trump” activist. He said on his show last November: “Conservatives think they’re going to leave Twitter and Facebook and go to Parler because they think Parler is a safer space for them. …… What we’re seeing is the autistic mentality of the right-wing media.”

Previously, Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN as fake news. He said these left media are the enemy of the American people. And Trump’s words are often corroborated. On March 7, a tweeter sent out a CNN story on the war in the Middle East, showing the same little girl actress being used to film three different scenes of the tragic situation of war-torn children. This is the kind of news the mainstream media tells you, the tweeter said.

For the past 4 years, CNN has been pervasive in attacking and smearing Trump. And Trump predicted in 2018 that the ratings of major fake news outlets like CNN would dry up and disappear after he left office.

As a result, again, Trump was right, and only a week after Trump left office, the ratings of several left media plummeted, with CNN’s ratings dropping by nearly half in prime time.