It’s Obama’s turn to make a move! Hillary is expected to return to politics after a collective “revolt” by top Republicans

If you want to describe the political situation in the United States in one word, there is probably no better word than “chaos”.

Where is the chaos?

First, Trump is not good at talking. After returning to the White House, Trump did three big things: let the U.S. Attorney General Barr investigation “Russiagate”, in order to confirm “Obama malicious attack on the current president”; let Secretary of State Pompeo published “email door” documents, in order to show that Hillary had organized “the largest political fraud in U.S. history”; Biden’s son Hunter strong move, lending “Hunter and Ukraine secret communication song” to smear Biden.

But the problem is: in the case of the upcoming election, Barr, Pompeo and a number of beloved general, suddenly do not listen to Trump.

Second, the Republican Party senior collective “anti-water”. In swing state public opinion, polling data in favor of the premise of the Democratic Party, many Republicans are busy cutting with the President, want to use Trump’s power to enter the U.S. political arena Republican legislators, some have begun to shell the President’s foreign strategy. Stretched U.S. finances, a deteriorating U.S. economy, and a steady increase in the number of diagnosed cases have all become reasons for top Republicans to harden their grip on Trump.

Third, Obama and Hillary are expected to return to the political arena. It has to be admitted that now the United States politics is almost no “rookie”, Trump team’s core members, nothing more than Bannon, Bolton, Pompeo such hawks, the Democratic Party lineup almost no change – former Secretary of State Hillary lost to Trump, the candidate will be replaced by former Vice President Biden, and former President Obama has also been In an exhaustive effort to worry about the Democrats.

On October 20, Obama said in a video speech that young Americans should support Biden, and on the evening of the 21st, Obama will also go to Philadelphia to give a speech. In the words of CNN, the election these days seems to have switched to a Trump vs. Obama contest.

Of course, Obama’s strong involvement will make it easier for the Democrats to gain the support of blacks and Latinos. In addition, Obama’s eloquence and influence is obviously more than Biden, at this time by Obama “performance”, is indeed the best choice.

Fourth, Trump really struggled. In addition to shelling Obama, Hillary and Biden, one against three outside, Trump also played the “sad card” and “strategy card”.

Trump said, if you lose the election, he is likely to have to be forced to leave the United States, the implication is that the Democratic Party will liquidate the Trump family. In addition, Pompeo will soon go to India, and the United States will be in the 23rd formal mediation Asia-Asia conflict, it is clear that Trump hopes that the American people can also see his “strong intervention in the Indo-Pacific conflict”, and when the peace messenger side, or ultimately to please the American voters.

AFP believes that from November 3, closer and closer, Biden’s confidence is becoming more and more full, but in fact, as long as the results of a day is not announced, the deer is an unknown – Trump is still very likely to take the victory. In addition, if the two U.S. parties clash after the election, the U.S. justices will also choose sides to support the White House – six of the nine justices are Republicans.

The good game is really getting better and better, as to who can ultimately chess superior, and we’ll see.