CPPCC member proposes marriage education as a mandatory college course, netizens rebuke

Under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), society is highly politicized, with the authorities forcibly interfering with marriages, funerals and even Family births. A CPPCC member recently proposed making Marriage Education a compulsory subject in universities, sparking controversy again.

According to China Education News, Yu Xinwei, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, said that marriage education for marriageable people in China is still in the primary stage of exploration, and the relationship courses offered by universities are mostly elective courses.

In this regard, she suggested that marriage education be made a compulsory course for students in colleges and universities, and that marriage education be provided to college students through classroom teaching and special lectures, as well as the systematic compilation of marriage education course materials with actual cases.

According to the information, Yu Xinwei is not only a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), but she is also the vice chairman of the Guangzhou CPPCC and the chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Democratic Revolution.

Yu Xinwei’s remarks have caused widespread controversy. Some netizens denounced, “What kind of bullshit member is this? What’s the point of learning this? Is it wrong for young people not to want to get married? This level when what member, go to the marriage agency as a salesman almost!”

“Look at what the CPPCC system has raised some things, some people to participate in the two sessions, held back a year to come up with proposals can be directly as a talk show script.”