CGTN says it has not authorized SBS to rebroadcast its English programs

In response to SBS’s announcement that it will stop broadcasting programs of China Central Television (CCTV) and its China Global Television Network (CGTN), CGTN said it had not authorized SBS to carry its English-language programs in the first place.

SBS said Friday that it had decided to immediately suspend 30 minutes of Chinese Mandarin service from China Central Television (CCTV) and 15 minutes of programming from its China Global Television Network (CGTN) due to a complaint from human rights group Safeguard Defenders. CGTN responded by saying that CCTV’s 2006 broadcast of its Chinese Mandarin service and its Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) was not a good idea.

CGTN responded that CCTV signed a cooperation agreement with SBS in 2006 to broadcast some of CCTV’s Chinese programs for free, but CGTN did not authorize SBS to broadcast its English programs, and will understand the situation and hope that the parties concerned will act strictly in accordance with the law.

The CGTN spokesman also said that after receiving a letter from the French regulator confirming that the jurisdiction of landing and broadcasting CGTN channels is owned by France, Vodafone Germany has resumed broadcasting CGTN’s English news channel and record channel, and the legal issue of CGTN’s broadcasting license in European countries has been resolved, which the company appreciates.
Earlier, China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement to Reuters in response that SBS’s suspension of Chinese news content “is typical of political persecution.”

The statement urged “the parties concerned to put aside ideological bias” and said “CGTN adheres to the principles of fair and accurate reporting. ”

China also said it “will take all necessary measures to resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese media.”