New York’s Fifth Avenue march for Trump, people call on Trump to “save America”

On Friday, March 5, American people held a large pro-Trump march in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, the busiest street in New York City, calling on Trump to save America. They displayed a giant pro-Trump banner, covering the entire Fifth Avenue in a spectacular scene.

Trump supporters unfurled a huge banner in front of Trump Tower on Friday, which boldly read “Trump 2024, Save America”. The march started from Trump Tower and marched from Fifth Avenue to Times Square. Nearly 1,000 police officers were on guard at the scene.

Dion Cini, the campaign’s sponsor, said, “Look at America’s borders, its taxes, its outrageous spending, and we’re fighting now to stop it all. What we thought we could continue for the last four years has now become something we have to fight for all over again.”

While there were some people who wondered if waiting until 2024 was too late, the common desire was for the U.S. to continue the policies and course of the Trump era and to avoid the U.S. going down the left-leaning path of socialism, despite people’s differing views on a number of issues.

There was also a banner of “Chinese American Fight For Trump” (Chinese American Fight For Trump). Some Chinese said that since Trump left office, many friends around him have left the blue Democratic states and moved to live in the red Republican states.