Chinese professor convicted for his words The Cultural Revolution in American education?

Critical race theory has long infiltrated schools, media and government as a guiding ideology for radical movements

The New York Fellowship recently noted that a key driver of change in Education for Critical Race Theory was the 1619 Project proposed by the New York Times. The picture shows the BLM (Black Lives Matter) Occupy New York City Hall movement that lasted for half a month in mid-2020, in which the New York Times’ “1619 Project” falsified history and became the basis for the “Black Lives Matter” theory.

Racial tensions in American society were reignited last year by the death of Sigmund Freud, intensifying social friction and the ensuing calls for various “racial justice” reforms. More and more people are now discovering that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the guiding ideology of this movement, and that it is only a matter of Time before it causes social unrest. In fact, CRT has already crept into many areas of American schools, media, and government, laying the groundwork for a radical movement in 2020.

The picture shows the BLM (Black Lives Matter) Occupy New York City Hall movement that lasted for half a month in mid-2020. The sign reads, “This movement demands EGO Death”.

CRT has now caused outrage among Parents and scholars across the United States, and allegations of CRT are beginning to rise. A few cases from New York and nearby areas are excerpted for readers’ reference and analysis.

Let’s start with a case of a Chinese professor at the University of Pittsburgh who was resigned for his words.

In March 2020, Dr. Norman Wang, director of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPMC) Cardiology Specialty Training Program, published a 17-page paper in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). In the paper, Professor Wang states that “efforts to pass AA affirmative action for diversity, inclusion, and equity in the U.S. medical community have been largely unsuccessful because of the use of ethnic and racial admissions criteria at institutions of higher education that limit the number of qualified applicants and legitimate competition.”

Professor Wang argues that “ultimately, all aspiring medical and cardiology professionals must be evaluated on the basis of individual scholarship rather than racial and ethnic identity.” As a result, the paper was attacked by radical Twitter users who demanded that it be labeled “racist” and retracted, and the matter went from bad to worse until August 2020, when Professor Wang was removed as director of the University of Pittsburgh and subjected to disciplinary action.

On December 15, 2020, the Center for Individual Rights (CIR) filed a lawsuit against the University of Pittsburgh on behalf of the embattled Professor Wang, alleging that the public university had violated the First Amendment principles of academic freedom, which are designed to ensure that universities are places of free inquiry, not narrow ideological integration.

CRT Fiasco at Luxury Private School in New York

On December 19, 2020, The Dalton School, one of New York City’s most elite and expensive private schools, made headlines in the Western media after an uproar over an anti-racism manifesto signed by dozens of faculty members.

The Dalton School, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and hailed by Time magazine as the “Harvard Melting Pot,” charges $54,180 a year for grades K-12 and refused to open last December, even though most other public and private schools in New York were letting students back in.

Parents signed an angry letter saying that the $54,000 annual tuition shouldn’t be available only for the Zoom virtual program. The school later agreed to reopen, but the school’s “social justice warrior” minded staff made a series of radical demands based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) that the school would not open if the parents did not meet their demands. This was essentially holding the school hostage.

Some of the demands included the hiring of twelve full-time “diversity” officers, the hiring of several psychologists “specializing in psychological issues affecting minority populations,” demands for a “Black Liberation A “Black Liberation” curriculum, mandatory year-round “community and diversity days,” and annual “anti-bias training” for all staff and parents.

According to the New York Post, this has outraged parents.

The battle is just beginning, as CRT has infiltrated not only elite schools, but public schools as well, and will continue to create controversy.

A list of the more than two hundred colleges advocating CRT

On September 4, 2020, Robin Root, an angry white professor, sued the City University of New York at Baruch because minority faculty members in one of the university’s departments required their white counterparts to undergo “white vulnerability” training (note: white vulnerability means that many white people, when asked race-related questions, flatly deny The suit alleges that the training required her to become a “better person. The suit states that the training required her to “learn to reflect on how the ‘white standard’ is manifested in the department.

In discussing former President Trump‘s executive order against diversity training and critical race theory, UCLA law professor Cheryl Harris said, “These people wouldn’t know a critical race theory if it hit them in the head.” However, one of the professors at Cornell University Law School in upstate New York launched a new website in February for a course on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help parents understand how the controversial movement has affected education., founded by William Jacobson, lists more than 200 universities that promote CRT, including 23 in New York State. He describes CRT as “a radical ideology with a racial focus” and told Fox News that people need to know that higher education “is the root of the problem. As we enter the college application season, parents need to understand how CRT will force their children.

How did all this happen?

⋯⋯…There are many more cases to write about, so how did it all happen?

Sixty-two years ago, former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen wrote the book The Naked Communist, warning Americans how communists would plan to destroy the American system from within, not through the sudden revolution envisioned by Marx, but through Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s “cultural Marxism.” Unlike the violent revolution of the Chinese Communists, what is taking place in the United States is a “long journey” that will bring America to the brink of disaster, much of which “begins in our schools.

Chapter 13 of the FBI agent’s book lists 45 communist goals. Number 17 reads, “Control the schools. Use them as a propagation zone for socialist and current communist propaganda. Soften the teaching curriculum. Control teachers’ unions. Add party affiliation to textbooks.” Now look, they did it. While American parents are busy working and living the American dream, their children are being taught to hate America in school.

Clare M. Lopez, founder/president of Lopez Liberty LLC, recently published an opinion piece in The Jewish Voice, “Marxism in the Classroom. He says it all began when John Dewey, Herbert Marcuse and others brought the concept of socialist “progressivism” into American schools through the American Education Association, gradually using critical race theory, identity grievances and anger at “victims. “He points out that the left-wing historian Zinzinger, who was a member of the American Association of Education, was the first to be elected to the American Academy.

He notes that textbooks such as left-wing historian Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” (1980) and “A History of American Youth” (2007), which are used from high school to college in the United States, distort the true historical record and portray America as an unpleasant place to live. They distort the true historical record and portray incredible oppression, racism, and injustice in the United States. Zinn’s proposed “solution” is class struggle, stirring up different identities and ethnic groups to fight each other, rejecting American exceptionalism (the idea that America is a unique country), abandoning free market capitalism, and leaving those students angry, desperate, and hopeless about their country.

This is just a brief overview of the Marxist agenda that has actually been going on for decades and continues to plague American students to this day. Lopez said unsuspecting parents are now waking up, especially during the viral crisis when parents need to guide their children online, and some are angry to find out what their children are being fed for the first time.

Lopez said the more questions parents ask, the more the district’s board of education (school board) avoids them. He recommends that parents attend the school board more often and demand answers, something a patriotic and responsible American parent would do to make sure their children are not being indoctrinated by shadowy Marxists who hate parents and this country.