Poll: Most Americans believe U.S. epidemic is improving

New Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Americans Believe U.S. Epidemic Is Improving

A new Gallup poll released Friday, March 5, shows that for the first Time since the Chinese Communist virus (Wuhan pneumonia) swept through the country last March, a majority of Americans say the epidemic situation in the United States is improving.

Gallup found that 60 percent of respondents said the situation is more or less getting better, 26 percent said it is staying the same and 14 percent said the outbreak is getting worse.

In Gallup’s first poll on the CCP virus situation last April, 56 percent had said the situation was getting worse, 29 percent said it was improving, and 15 percent said it was staying the same.

The number of U.S. states that have recently lifted or are about to lift their bans on the outbreak is growing rapidly, a ripple effect that has reached six states.

Alabama’s governor will lift all mask bans on April 9. Even the Democrat-controlled state of Connecticut will lift all social restrictions in restaurants, retail and other public areas on March 19. It is expected that more states may lift the ban next.

Gallup concluded, “Americans’ assessment of how the outbreak is progressing is largely tied to fluctuations in the number of new cases …… However, the number of new cases has not dropped in recent days. This, coupled with potential difficulties with vaccination programs or the rapid spread of new variants of the virus, could lead to a renewed decline in optimism.”