Trump unleashes disturbing signals, Pelosi: he could stage a coup d’etat

According to a report by the United Press, US Defense Secretary Esper had a disagreement with Trump and there were earlier rumors that he would be fired by Trump, Esper also wrote a resignation letter beforehand with a forewarning that he was ready to resign after the election.

In his resignation letter, Esper wrote that he had worked hard to keep the Pentagon out of politics, but that he had angered Trump with this act of resistance. Esper said that what he did was in the interest of the country.

Trump fires Defense Secretary

Trump tweeted that he had fired Esper and thanked him for his efforts on the job. Trump went on to say that the decision to replace Esper was made effective immediately by Christopher Miller, director of the National Counterterrorism Center. CNN reported that Esper is the second secretary of defense during Trump’s tenure, the first being James Mattis, a retired general.

Many U.S. media outlets have said that Trump has been withholding Esper for a long time, especially after the Freud case, when many American people staged a protest and Trump’s demand to send troops to quell the protest was met with extreme displeasure by Esper.

According to three current Defense Ministry officials, Esper has been ready to leave his job for a long time. At the time, a Defense Department spokesperson also denied this fact on social media platforms saying that it was not true that Esper would resign and that he was not asked to resign.

According to NBC, preparing such an undated resignation letter in the U.S. isn’t anything very unusual, it gives the president the opportunity to choose whether or not to replace them, something that usually happens after the election results are in.

Pelosi fears Trump may stage a coup d’état

The U.S. House of Representatives issued a joint statement that Speaker of the House Pelosi, a Democrat, disagrees with Trump’s firing of Esper. Pelosi said Trump intends to create internal chaos in his final hours in office, as evidenced by the abrupt firing of Esper now, and that continuity and stability are especially important at this important point in the transition of presidential power.

What’s thought-provoking is that the reports indicate that Trump’s sudden move was retaliatory in nature. Even more chilling is the fact that Trump is taking this action at this sensitive time, sparking speculation that he wants to do something in the final days.

Pelosi concluded by stating that Trump’s reckless actions are putting the country in danger and that it is very dangerous and troubling that our military is now in the hands of such a president. Many Democrats are concerned that Trump’s firing of Esper is an attempt to use the military to change the outcome of the election.

Trump has sent disturbing signals, as the senior U.S. attorney for the Justice Department has hinted at Trump’s behavior. The prosecutor also said that while there was no substantial evidence that Trump was preparing for a coup, his firing of Esper was a serious incident.