U.S. Nurse Explains: a new crown patient was sent to a special room to “wait for death.”

The number of diagnosed cases of new crowns in the United States continues to increase, with a cumulative total of more than 11 million cases. 16, the United States “New York Post” article quoted a nurse in Texas, said that some of the worst cases of new crowns patients will even be sent to a special room “to die”.

The nurse, Lawanna Rivers, revealed that the University Medical Center in El Paso, where she works, has a room called “The Pit” where the worst of the new coronary patients are sent to “wait to die” with minimal treatment.

Because of the large number of patients at the hospital, she and other nurses were ordered to give patients in the Pit room only three rounds of CPR before they were pronounced dead, which was far less than normal efforts to keep them alive, according to the report.

“I’ve seen a lot of people die that I don’t think should have passed away,” Rivers said in a live video posted on Facebook on Nov. 7.

In the video, Rivers also blamed hospitals for not treating neo-coronary patients enough, to the point where some doctors would avoid treating these patients who tested positive for the new coronavirus altogether.

She also reveals that she witnessed the preferential treatment of a doctor’s wife, who was the only surviving neo-coronary patient on that floor.

In response to Rivers’ allegations, the university medical center told a local television station in a statement that while they sympathize with the medical staff, they “cannot fully verify what (Rivers) said.”

The New York Post also mentioned that El Paso was one of the hardest hit cities in Texas. The latest statistics on the new crown epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University show that as of 2145 GMT on 16 March, the cumulative number of new crown confirmed cases in the United States was 1,141,979, with 246,236 deaths.