Tanker truck explosion kills 12 in northwestern Mexico

The security department of the northwestern Mexican state of Nayarit said in a communiqué on the 16th that a tanker truck explosion occurred in the state that day, killing 12 people.

The bulletin said that morning, a large tanker truck in Nayarit state capital Tepic city to Guadalajara city on the highway driving suddenly out of control, hit the highway guardrail and exploded, causing serious damage to two cars and a mini-bus nearby, a total of 12 people died on board. The relevant departments have blocked the road and started rescue work.

According to another media report, the explosion spread to dozens of cars near the tanker and the death toll could rise.

According to social media, the explosion caused by the accident sent flames tens of meters into the air, severely damaged the tanker, scattering parts on the road and burning some cars to the frame.