A shares of the three major stock indexes plunged across the board, the two cities evaporated nearly 2 trillion, more than a thousand public funds evaporated more than 5 trillion after the holiday

On March 4, China’s three major A-share stock indexes plunged across the board, and the market value of the two markets evaporated nearly 2 trillion yuan. After the festival, more than 1,000 public funds market capitalization has evaporated more than 5 trillion yuan, while Guizhou Maotai evaporated more than 700 billion yuan.

According to the Oriental wealth network news, today (4), A shares of the three major stock indexes unilateral decline throughout the day, the disk even a decent rebound are not, to close, the Shanghai index fell 2.05%, once fell below 3500 points; deep into the index fell 3.46%; GEM index fell 4.87%, the lowest approaching 2840 points.

Among them, the deep into the index and the GEM finger hit more than 7 months since July 24, 2020, the largest single-day decline. On this day alone, A-shares evaporated 1.98 trillion yuan (RMB, same below).

In terms of public funds’ 2020 four-season report long positions (looking at A-shares only), Eastern Fortune Choice data shows that after the festival, 1,590 companies evaporated a combined market value of 5.28 trillion yuan, of which 128 had a market value of more than 10 billion, 34 had more than 50 billion, and 14 had evaporated more than 100 billion.

And in the market value evaporation of the top 20 companies, in the first place is Guizhou Maotai. According to “21 financial circle” news, Guizhou Maotai shares fell today (4), the lowest intraday share price reported 2010.10 yuan, down 6.07%.

Based on the closing price of 2,601.00 yuan on February 10, the last trading day before the holiday, Guizhou Maotai’s market value evaporated 713.520 billion yuan in 11 trading days after the holiday. By the close of trading, Guizhou Maotai was at 2,033.00 yuan, down 5.00%.

In addition to Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye evaporated 296.3 billion yuan after the festival, and GEM “one brother” Ningde Times ranked third, evaporated 202.9 billion yuan after the festival.