The monk even want to show loyalty to Xi Jinping, the world strange news

Recently, in a place in mainland China, a group of monks stood in a row, pulling a banner that read “Practice Buddhism, approach people’s livelihood, and level the world”. Netizens said that monks must also table the center in order to be recognized.

Comments from netizens.

“I have to lament that monks have degenerated into this.”

“It is a great disrespect to dismantle so much. There are high people in the monks. Yellow with black in it.”

“The level of ass-kissing by a bald ass can be ah!”

“In this system, which kind of religion is not immune, right?”

“Do not comment on the content of the banner, monks are too much fake”

“They are making superficial articles. Suggestion: the statue of Buddha in the temple needs to be replaced with the Great Leader. The scriptures recited should be replaced with the Great Leader’s anthology.”

“Now where is there a Buddhist sect oh, it’s all a wine and meat temple.”