Chen Miner criticized Deng Zuolin twice a week or Xi Jinping’s “spare tire”?

Ahead of the Communist Party’s 2021 National People’s Congress, Chongqing’s political scene is attracting attention. Chongqing Party Secretary Chen Miner criticized former Chongqing public security chief Deng Zuling twice within a week. Chen Miner was “exclusively” praised by the central inspection team early last month for clearing up the “poison” of ambitious Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, raising speculation that he may be Xi Jinping‘s “spare tire” (successor). The speculation is that he may be Xi’s “backup” (successor).

According to Chongqing official media reports, the CPC Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Miner March 1 in the city’s so-called “Public Security Bureau Party Committee Deng Cullin case warning Education on the topic of democratic Life“, and a few days ago on February 23, Chongqing officials collectively attended the “municipal management of the main leading cadres of the special warning education meeting “The “Sun Zhengcai bad influence and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun poison”, but more force is to criticize the fourth consecutive fall of Chongqing Public Security Bureau Director Deng Cullin.

The former Chongqing Party Secretary Bo Xilai fell in 2012, another Chongqing Party Secretary Sun Zhengcai fell in 2017, and the Chongqing Public Security Director Wang Lijun, who was involved in the “Bo Xilai incident”, was investigated before Bo Xilai; Wang Lijun’s successor, He Ting, was investigated in 2017, and He Ting’s successor, Deng Cullin, came from Hubei in 2017 and was investigated three years later in 2020. He was also investigated 3 years later in 2020.

In addition, Wang Lijun’s predecessor, Zhu Mingguo, who was removed from his post as secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Political and Legal Committee in 2014, is alleged to have started amassing wealth in 2002 when he was Chongqing’s public security chief. So far, Chongqing has Zhu Mingguo, Wang Lijun, He Ting and Deng Zuolin four consecutive public security chiefs have fallen.

After the “Bo Xilai incident”, Chongqing officials reshuffled, only the former mayor Huang Qifan has not fallen. Huang Qifan was appointed deputy director of the Finance and Economics Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress in February 2017, into the idle position, also alleged that may be investigated.

The big foreign propaganda “Dovetail” reported that Chongqing held two meetings in a row during the week of February 23 and March 1, both with the case of Deng Zuolin, while the previous feedback from the central inspection team to Chongqing was in early February 2021, the inspection team leader Wu Zaiping’s recognition and praise of Chongqing is a cause for concern.

According to official reports, the first inspection group of the central government at the Time gave feedback to the Ministry of Public Security on its inspection, saying that the naming of the Ministry of Public Security to purge the residual influence of Zhou Yongkang, Meng Hongwei and Sun Lijun was not enough in place. The central fifth inspection group to the Jiangxi provincial party committee feedback, said, named purge Su Rong bad influence is not thorough enough. The central twelfth inspection group to the Shaanxi provincial party committee feedback, said, purge Zhao Zhengyong poison and bad influence is not thorough enough. But the central twelfth inspection group to the Chongqing municipal party committee feedback but rare praise said, Chongqing municipal party committee resolutely purge Sun Zhengcai bad influence and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun flux; Suggestions continue to purge Sun Zhengcai bad influence and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun flux, adhere to the example of three, do real to the case to promote reform, to the case to promote governance.

According to current affairs commentator Li Yanming analysis, 15 central inspection team to 32 provinces, cities or institutions feedback, named eight big tigers, mostly refers to purge the influence of residual poison is not enough in place, not thorough enough, the only praise for the Chongqing Municipal Committee. This means that Xi Jinping authorities support Chongqing Municipal Party Secretary Chen Miner.

Columnist Zheng Zhongyuan recently published an article in the Taiwanese media Shangpao, saying that no one doubts Xi’s attempt to seek long-term rule. However, due to the internal and external problems of the CCP regime and the openness of anti-Xi voices inside and outside the party, even if Xi is re-elected, he may not prepare his future successor, commonly known as a “spare tire,” internally so that the patriarchs will have nothing to say. Xi may try to serve another term and then manipulate the political situation behind the scenes.

According to the article, it is increasingly likely that Chen Miner, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, will be Xi’s future “spare tire” in advance.

Chen Miner was Xi’s chief propaganda officer in Zhejiang, where he ran the “Zhijiang Xinwen” column. Many of the so-called “political achievements” of Xi’s local administration that are now officially publicized were also packaged by Chen Miner.

Zheng Zhongyuan said that the fact that Wang Huning, a “penman”, was elected to the 19th CPC National Congress as a dark horse shows that Xi Jinping likes to be a drummer and a palanquin bearer. After Wang stepped down, it is clear that Chen Miner has a better chance of winning the job of propaganda chief in Zhongnanhai.

Zheng Zhongyuan also mentioned that the central inspection team rarely singled out Chongqing for praise, saying that according to official procedures, the feedback from the central inspection already carries the intention of the Communist Party’s top brass. So it can be understood that Xi Jinping wants Chen to “stand alone” among the others and be praised alone. The fact that the person in charge of the feedback is Wang Huning’s former top secretaries is also interesting.

But Zheng believes that no matter how Xi Jinping prepares for a lifetime in power or a “spare tire”, and no matter how ambitious Chen Miner is, and how the officialdom is infighting over it, man’s plan is not as good as God’s. The reason is that Xi Jinping has been named by netizens as the “Chief Accelerator”, which means the one who accelerates the demise of the CCP.