It’s official! Huawei sells glory: no more shares Baidu 3.6 billion USD to buy Huanju video entertainment live streaming business YY Live

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: localized moderate to heavy PM2.5 pollution likely in second half of November
In the second half of November, under the influence of cold air, the diffusion conditions in most parts of the country are generally good, air quality is mainly good to light pollution, the primary pollutant is mainly particulate matter. The early and late diffusion conditions are poor, and localized stages of PM2.5 moderate to heavy pollution process may occur. Among them, 16-18 days, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas in the south-central part, Fenwei Plain local PM2.5 may appear moderate to heavy pollution process; 19-25 days, most areas of the country diffusion conditions are good, Su-wan-Ru-yu junction area, Fenwei Plain and northeast regional local PM2.5 may appear moderate pollution process; 26-30 days, diffusion conditions are generally worse, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas in the south-central part of the Most of the Fenwei Plain may have a moderate or above PM2.5 pollution process.

Two places left! Tokzak and Ukusak towns in Xinjiang’s Shufu County adjusted from high risk to low risk
According to Kashgar zero distance WeChat public news on the 16th, Kashgar region new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters informed that, according to the State Council to deal with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control mechanism of the relevant provisions and the situation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Kashgar region, the Kashgar region new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters decided to study: November 17, from 0:00, will be sparse county Tokzak town, Wekusak town epidemic risk level by High risk adjusted to low risk. After the adjustment, Shufu County should adhere to scientific prevention and control, precise prevention and control.

It is reported that only two high risks remain in the Xinjiang Kashgar region, Shufu County, Standing Min Township and Saybarg Township.

Chongqing Wanzhou District 3.2 magnitude earthquake, depth of 8 km
A 3.2-magnitude earthquake occurred at 23:54 on November 16 in Wanzhou District, Chongqing (latitude 30.69 degrees north, longitude 108.38 degrees east) with a depth of 8 km.

The Tianwen-1 probe’s flight distance exceeded 300 million kilometers.
As of early this morning, China’s first Mars exploration mission Tianwen-1 probe has been in orbit for 116 days, with a flight distance of more than 300 million kilometers, and the probe’s systems are working normally.

Mango Ultra Media: Ali Ventures intends to transfer part of the controlling shareholder’s stake in the company
Mango Ultra Media announced that previously the company’s controlling shareholder intends to transfer 5.26% of the company’s shares by agreement through a public call for transferees.On November 16, 2020, the company received notification from its controlling shareholder, Mango Media, that it had communicated with a number of organizations interested in participating in the transfer of the company’s shares during the public call period, and as of the public call deadline, Mango Media received one intentional transferee from Ali Venture in a valid form. Application Materials.

iQIYI Q3 revenue was RMB 7.19 billion
AIC’s Q3 revenue was estimated at RMB7.19 billion, with a loss of $1.61 per ADS. Total subscribers of 104.8 million in the third quarter, membership service revenue of RMB 3.98 billion in the third quarter, up 7% year-over-year; 3Q online advertising service revenue of RMB 1.84 billion, down 11% year-over-year; content distribution revenue of RMB 392.3 million in the third quarter, down 42% year-over-year growth.

Shenzhen Zhixin announces full acquisition of Pride brand business assets, Huawei no longer holds any shares
On November 17, Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. released a statement in Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper saying that it had signed an acquisition agreement with Huawei Investment Holdings Co. According to the agreement, Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. as the acquirer, completed the comprehensive acquisition of business assets related to the Glory brand. After the sale, Huawei no longer holds any shares in the new Glory.

Baidu’s $3.6 billion acquisition of YY Live, a live video entertainment business in China.
(NASDAQ: YY) (“Huanjui Group” or the “Company”), a social media platform, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement with Baidu. Under the agreement, Baidu will acquire Huanjui’s domestic live video entertainment business (“YY Live”), including, but not limited to, the YY mobile application, the website and the YY PC, for approximately $3.6 billion in cash (subject to contingent consideration adjustments based on the agreement). Delivery of the transaction is subject to agreed delivery conditions and is currently expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

Wireless headphones two leaders plunge, company responds: everything is normal
On November 16, Apple AirPods series of headphones OEM assembly manufacturers LiXun Precision, Geer shares fell sharply, or more than 5%. By the close of trading, the two stocks have been six consecutive yin. Geer shares securities department staff said the company’s fundamentals have not changed, the company’s business has been advancing normally. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers,” he said. LiXun Precision Securities Department said: the secondary market share price fluctuations may be affected by a variety of factors, but the company’s production and operation are all normal.

The three major indices of U.S. stocks rose collectively, oil and gas stocks, airline stocks rose in the lead
U.S. stocks closed, the three major indexes rose collectively, the Dow rose 1.6%, the S&P 500 index rose 1.17%, are a new closing record high, the Nasdaq rose 0.8%, oil and gas stocks, aviation stocks rose in the lead, Boeing rose more than 8%, Senko energy, Chevron rose more than 7%, Shell Oil rose more than 6%. Most tech stocks rose, with Qualcomm up more than 3% and AMD up more than 2%. Vaccine hot stocks Moderna rose more than 9%, the company’s preliminary data showed that the vaccine effectiveness of 94.5%, and easier to store. China new energy vehicle higher, ideal car rose nearly 14%, Xiaopeng car rose more than 4%. Electricity business stocks Jingdong fell more than 7%, more than 6%. Eggshell apartments closed down more than 8%, after the company denied bankruptcy rumors.

WHO: Cumulative new crown diagnosed cases reached 54301156 worldwide
According to the latest data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the 16th, the cumulative number of new coronary diagnosed cases worldwide reached 54301156 cases. According to the latest data on the WHO website, as of 14:59 CET (21:59 GMT) on the 16th, the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased by 528905 cases to 54301156 cases compared to the previous day, and the number of deaths increased by 7858 cases to 131,6994 cases.

U.S. drugmaker Moderna: 94.5% effectiveness of Phase III vaccine
US drugmaker Moderna: 94.5% effectiveness of Phase III trial vaccine.

IOC president agrees with Kan, confirms Tokyo Olympics must be held
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yoshihide met at the Prime Minister’s residence on November 16 and agreed on a policy that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which have been postponed to next summer due to the neo-crown epidemic, must be held. The two sides once again demonstrated their strong determination to hold the Games in the face of the renewed epidemic in Europe, the United States and Japan. Bach listened to Kan’s explanation of the new crown countermeasures and other measures, and told the media after the meeting, “We are also confident about accepting spectators (to watch the games).”