Gaza Strip health institutions: hospitals will not be able to receive more new cases of coronary pneumonia

A total of 2,380 new coronavirus tests were conducted at Palestinian health facilities in the Gaza Strip from 0000 hours local time on the 15th to 0000 hours local time on the 16th, with 406 cases showing positive results, a new high since the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic. The head of Gaza’s hospitals, Yousef Al Qad, said that the hospital could declare any moment that it could not receive new neo-coronavirus patients, as it is almost full. Dr. Abu Rea, an epidemiologist in Gaza, told the media that every patient in the ICU (intensive care unit) needs 20 liters of oxygen per minute, and there are no oxygen stations in the entire Gaza Strip. The pressure on the viral laboratories in the Gaza Strip is very high as the new coronavirus test kits are almost exhausted.

The spokesman for the Interior and Security Department in the Gaza Strip said on 15 March that, in order to control the ongoing spread of the neo-coronavirus epidemic, the authorities were prepared to impose stricter restrictions and heavy fines on those who violated the rules.