Toughest lockdown in more than 40 years on epidemic prevention, longer road home for overseas Chinese

In addition to the continued closure of dozens of land ports across the country, the immigration and border control authorities have also warned people not to leave the country arbitrarily, while citizens overseas have pointed out that the stringent controls will prevent more people from returning home.

According to a recent notice issued by the State Immigration Bureau, it said it would strictly control the cross-border activities of unnecessary people, strictly approve applications for non-essential entry and exit documents for Chinese citizens for travel and other purposes, and discourage or restrict entry and exit activities for mainland residents for travel, visiting relatives and friends.

The move is necessary for the State Council to strengthen winter epidemic prevention and control, according to the notice.

Forty-six border crossings across the country are in urgent need of closure, while officials refused to acknowledge nucleic acid test reports from Britain’s NHS (National Health Service).

The validity of the double-negative certificates of a large number of people stranded in the United States is also said to be highly uncertain after nine Chinese nationals with negative nucleic acid tests were diagnosed in Tianjin.

According to Ms. Zhang, who is likely to be affected by the return trip, the current official attitude is to do everything possible to prevent Chinese nationals from returning to China, but in addition to the previous restrictions, the discovery of multiple infections on Air China flights triggered a meltdown, and it’s unclear whether their high-priced tickets will be delayed again due to the suspension, making their journey home uncertain.

It’s not clear if they will be delayed again due to the suspension of their high priced tickets, which has made their journey home uncertain. I’m not sure if this is the case. The key is that the airline is not infected well, you this plane is so, there is an infection then it fuses you, so not airlines can control.

It was also reported by official media on Monday (16) that the existing authorities suspect that the double negative certificate held by many nationalities may be fraudulent and could lead to serious consequences. But it is unclear whether the officials will make further moves.

Our correspondent called the Hebei District Public Security Bureau in Tianjin in this regard, and according to the bureau’s police officers, they did receive a notice reminding people coming to apply for passports not to leave the country right now.

Hebei District Public Security Bureau: this thing is really true, you can get a passport then, it’s really recommended that you don’t go out right now.

The Tianjin Binhai District Public Security Bureau, on the other hand, responded that they do now have restrictions on non-urgent passport processing. However, the passports are still available at the moment, but they are also reminded not to leave the country. The police officer also pointed out that they only manage to get passports, but it’s not clear whether border guards and other agencies will directly intercept them.

Coastal District Police: it is possible to get a passport now, but you can’t use your passport for cross-border travel, I’m afraid. If you have a special emergency exit reasons, such as like back to work to resume production, to visit close relatives outside the country, in addition to this kind of thing, general, now do not support for documents. Anyway, there is such a risk warning.

The Tianjin border inspection team replied that they would try to discourage people from leaving the country, but would not forcibly stop ordinary people from leaving the country. But once they go out, re-entry will face strict quarantine or even quarantine measures and could lead to being trapped outside the country.

Frontier General: Yes, it’s to prevent you from going to some of the countries where the epidemic is more severe, and we’re mainly thinking about that. We’ll inform you verbally, and the other one will try to discourage you as much as possible. If you have to go, then you yourself will have to bear the consequences. For example, if you go to the United States, and then come in from the United States, you need a negative nucleic acid test certificate and a negative serum test certificate within two days, so we are afraid that you will not be able to do the relevant procedures over there. If you can’t get it, you won’t be able to board the plane. The quarantine department and the customs department, they will get stuck there.

And according to the National Bureau of Immigration, epidemic prevention, which is considered violent, is still being stepped up. In addition to air access, Chinese officials now strictly prohibit people from crossing the border by land. Among other things, strict control of land border smuggling and grid-based community control have become the norm, and anyone who violates them could face criminal prosecution. However, the Bureau of Immigration did not respond to the number of Chinese nationals blocked from crossing the border to date.