General Election Update 11.16: Trump to launch major lawsuit

On Sunday (November 15), President Donald Trump said he would launch a “major lawsuit” to prove that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was an unconstitutional election.

On November 15, they filed a lawsuit in a Pennsylvania federal court asking a judge to prohibit the state from certifying Democratic candidate Biden as the winner, and on November 13, they filed a lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State and election officials, arguing that state officials changed election rules to allow absentee ballots to be mishandled. And last Friday California Gov. Gavin Newsom was convicted in court of exceeding his authority and violating the state constitution with an executive order.

Sidney Powell, a prominent attorney for the Trump campaign, says she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch an extensive criminal investigation and is ready to flip the election results in several states.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that Biden had only won in the eyes of the mainstream media, which spreads fake news, and that he would continue to challenge election fraud. The tweet was misrepresented by the left media and the Chinese Communist Party media as “Trump conceded defeat,” which made Trump supporters even angrier. It is rumored that CNN will be sold to pay off the debt.

On Saturday (14), about half a million people of all ethnicities from all over the United States participated in a large “stop stealing the election” peaceful march and rally in the capital Washington, D.C., but after dark, supporters of Antifa and “black lives are also lives” (see below). (BLM) supporter’s violent attack. That night, Trump violently attacked the perpetrators as “human radical leftist trash”.

Here is a live update on the US election.

Kawakami: We won’t let them get away with it!

Trump sent out two consecutive tweets Monday morning indicating that he would not let the radical left Democrats and the fake news media have their way:.

“Radical left-wing Democrats, with the complicity of their partners in the fake news media, are trying to steal this election. We will not let them succeed!”

“They will fill the courts. We won’t let that happen!”

Trump: fake news doesn’t report that Europe was defeated by a Chinese communist virus

President Trump tweeted Monday morning that “European countries are being regrettably defeated by the Chinese (CCP) virus. The fake news folks don’t want to cover this!”

Breitbart News Contributing Senior Editor: Mainstream media fact-checking says Trump needs a ‘miracle’ to get vaccine by year’s end

Breitbart News Contributing Senior Editor and Breitbart News Sunday Show host Joel Pollak said Monday. What the mainstream media call “Fact Check” says it would take a ‘miracle’ for Trump to get the vaccine by the end of the year, he tweeted.

“Media fact-checkers say that Trump is probably wrong about getting a vaccine for coronavirus (the Chinese Communist virus) by the end of the year, and that he’d have to need a ‘miracle’ to do it. For example, NBC News says in its May issue: fact check: experts say Trump would need a ‘miracle’ to make his timeline on the vaccine’s wonderful development right.”

Giuliani: Enough Evidence of Fraud to Flip the Election Results

On Sunday (15th), President Donald Trump’s (Trump) personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani) said that enough illegal votes have been recorded to flip the election results of key swing states, he believes the presidential election results will also be “flipped”.

In an interview on the Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program, Giuliani said those key swing states were declared to have been won by Biden, but were actually won by Trump.

“In each of those states, we have more than enough illegal votes already on record to overturn the outcome of that state,” Giuliani said.

He told moderator Maria Bartiromo, “They didn’t allow Republicans to oversee the counting (of mail-in ballots) in those key places. That makes the mail-in ballots completely invalid.” .

The Trump campaign has filed a series of lawsuits challenging the counting of ballots in battleground states.

Trump Strategy Advisor: Congrats to President Trump for leading “Operation Flashpoint” to vaccine success!

Steve Cortes, senior strategy adviser for the Trump 2020 campaign, also tweeted in response to the vaccine news, saying.

“On Monday, the market started reacting to the huge vaccine news in a big way. Stocks soared and interest rates rose (now rising at a slow percentage, steady rate is a good sign). Congratulations to all the brilliant scientists and President Trump for his leadership on ‘Operation Godspeed’.”

Kawakami: I won the election!

Trump reiterated “I won the election!” again Monday morning, while retweeting a tweet from Giuliani. Giuliani, former New York mayor and Trump’s legal adviser, said.

“Philadelphia would only surprise me if they didn’t cheat on a massive scale in the 2020 election.

That would be the first time in 60 years they’ve missed such an opportunity.

Wake up!”

Trump: the vaccines that ended the Communist plague happened under my supervision

Kawakami announced Monday morning that another vaccine was available, developed and produced by Moderna, which is 95 percent more effective.

“Another vaccine has just been announced (introduced). This time it is by Moderna and is 95% effective. Remember, those great “historians”, that these great discoveries that will end the plague in China occurred under my supervision!”

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, also tweeted three messages of congratulations.

“Moderna, President Trump, the NIH and Operation Warp Speed at unprecedented “breakneck speed.” “This historic breakthrough was achieved. The promise was kept.”

“The Moderna / NIH vaccine is the second candidate announced in a week to show strong efficacy in a Phase 3 clinical trial! Congratulations to Moderna, President Kawakami, the “Operation Swift” team, and all those who made this historic breakthrough possible – it will help end this terrible pandemic!”

“FACT CHECK: This Moderna / NIH vaccine was actually signed by President Trump and Moderna on January 13, 2020 for co-development …… I say again January 13, 2020. Just feel happy. This is great news for America and the world!”

Trump: the biggest theft in US history

President Trump said on Nov. 13 that the 2020 election is the biggest fraud in U.S. history. Pictured is a Kawakami file photo. (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)
In a Nov. 13 interview with the New York Post, Trump said he was determined to continue challenging the outcome of the presidential election in court. He said the 2020 U.S. election is the biggest theft in U.S. history.

“It was a rigged election, 100 percent, and everybody knew it,” Trump said, “I got about 74 million votes, and did I lose? No way.”

Asked if he would accept the election results if the legal challenge failed, Trump said, “We’ll see what happens.” “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen.”

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Biden is leading in Arizona, and Trump’s team and the GOP have filed suit.

After all votes were counted in Arizona on Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Biden maintained his lead in the state, with 10,377 votes ahead of President Trump. Trump’s campaign and Republican allies have filed a lawsuit in Arizona.

According to the official results, Biden received 1,672,054 votes, or 49.39 percent, while Trump received 1,661,677 votes, or 49.09 percent.

Under Arizona rules, an automatic recount is triggered if the difference between the two candidates is within 0.1 percent or 200 votes, whichever is less, compared to the current 0.3 percent difference between the two candidates.

State Constitutional Party vice chairman: Chinese Communist Party may intervene in US election

On Nov. 14, Bill Bledsoe, vice chairman of the South Carolina Constitutional Party and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, who came to Washington to participate in the “Stop The Steal” event, said it is feared that a portion of the votes in the U.S. election came from the Chinese Communist Party.

He argued that the U.S. postal system itself cannot be falsified in the manufacture of ballots, that “(authenticity) can be identified by the watermark on the front of the ballot, and that ballot cannot be copied.” “Tens of thousands of ballots are feared to have been shipped from China. These ballot papers cannot be easily verified as genuine or fake.” He said.

Bledsoe argued that the Chinese Communist Party interfered in the U.S. election, “The CCP gave Biden’s son $1.5 billion. The CCP met with Biden’s son and the money came from banks and the Chinese Communist Party. If we continue to pursue this, we’ll find many, many more things.”

Biden Foundation shady expose implicates Obama and Pfizer

The Biden scandal has reared its ugly head again. Federal documents show that the Biden and his wife set up a cancer charity that used the money not for medical research, but to pay high salaries to “executives” in the Obama administration and at Pfizer, a company whose president, Gregory Simon, is a former Pfizer executive and head of the Obama administration’s White House Cancer Task Force.

The organization’s president, Gregory Simon, a former Pfizer executive and head of the Obama administration’s White House Cancer Task Force, was paid $224,539 in fiscal 2017 and nearly doubled his income at the foundation to $429,850 in 2018.

The Biden Cancer Foundation also employs Danielle Carnival, a former chief of staff for Obama’s cancer program, the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, who took in $258,207 from the Biden Foundation in 2018.

Multiple Nevada Voters Confirm Election Fraud

On Saturday, November 14, hundreds of people gathered in front of Clark County’s election office headquarters building in Las Vegas in response to the simultaneous Stop the Steal marches across the nation in support of President Trump’s re-election. Multiple voters at the meeting testified in person to the existence of fraud.

Elector Angie Moore, who lives in Las Vegas, said she received her own mail-in ballot around October 18 or 19, but also received a ballot from a stranger at the same time.

Voter Crissy Knight broke the news that she finished voting early on Oct. 30, yet when she entered the ballot-checking website, the system only showed that her ballot had been accepted by Clark County, but so far it has not been counted in the final general election results.

“AmericanFirst Faith” executive director Denise Mraz reminded the public that upwards of 60,000 ballots in Clark County turned out to be provisional ballots and voters were not notified.

Prominent lawyer: the CIA director should be removed from office

Sidney Powell, a prominent lawyer for the Trump campaign and a former federal prosecutor, has repeatedly stated that the Dominion system was designed to “rig the election.” “We ask who had the audacity to approve the purchase of this system,” he said. Why purchase?”

Powell said that various whistleblowers were aware that the families of state government officials had facilitated the purchase of Dominion and received “kickbacks” from it.

Powell also mentioned that a number of dignitaries had already written letters and submitted expert reports, including a number of Democratic senators, telling them that the Dominion vote counting system was unreliable and that their warnings had been completely ignored. The CIA, FBI and Justice Department, among others, should have been informed of the information, but did nothing.

“It reminds me of how the CIA is using this software for its own purposes in different places? The director of the CIA should be removed immediately,” and, as a serious lawyer, Powell added, “I never say anything that’s unfounded.”

2020 election Trump gets overwhelming support in bellwether counties

Over the past nearly 40 years, there has been an intriguing phenomenon in United States presidential elections: 19 counties across the United States have always voted for the winner, whether a Republican or a Democrat has won the election. These counties are called Bellwether Counties. By looking at the political preferences of these counties, you can predict who will be in the White House.

In the 2020 election, all but one of the bellwether counties chose President Donald Trump (Trump) by an average margin of about 16 percentage points.

The other list of bellwether counties consists of 58 counties that have correctly predicted every president since 2000. President Trump took 51 of those counties by an average margin of nearly 15 percentage points.

Twitter Loses Trust Parler Rising

Before and after the 2020 U.S. presidential election, tech giants Twitter and Facebook heavily censored content for supposedly curbing “misinformation”. President Trump himself has been tagged many times.

Recently, more and more people have been “moving” to join the new social media site Parler, which has grown rapidly in the past few days and now has more than 10 million users.

Parler describes itself as a social media platform for freedom of expression. According to its community guidelines, Parler will ban illegal content such as child pornography, but will not remove content or accounts “based on the views expressed in the content in question”.

U.S. Congressman backs election fraud probe, raises series of questions

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, a senior Republican from Ohio, on Sunday (Nov. 15) stressed the importance of investigating potential voting irregularities; he also asked several key questions in a row, questioning the presence of suspicious signs of the 2020 U.S. election.

In an interview with Fox News, Jordan expressed his support for the lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign against potential election fraud, “It’s important that we get to the bottom of what happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and all of these important swing states.”

He went on to mention the puzzling things that happened on election night, such as why all states suspended counting that night and then Trump lost his advantage; why Biden and the Democrats didn’t want to find answers; and why Republican observers weren’t allowed to monitor the vote count. Jordan says these are basic questions that must be answered in order for Americans to have confidence in the election.

CNN ratings hard to keep, rumors AT&T begs to sell to pay off debt

CNN’s “hatred of Trump” news is weak, its ratings plummeted, rumors that the U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T is looking to sell CNN to pay off its huge debt.

The company’s senior reporter Charlie Gasparino (Charlie Gasparino) pointed out that AT&T’s recent financial situation is not stable, the debt amounted to $150 billion, cutting costs is a priority, considering that CNN may be difficult to rely on “anti-Trump” to earn ratings, AT&T is expected to take this opportunity to repay the debt.

Gasparino reported last Friday (13) that “this (sale) rumor is true, AT&T is a (financially) screwed-up company.” “CNN and a lot of media outlets have pushed this (reporting) style to the top.”

Experts are now speculating that AT&T may sell CNN to Amazon owner and billionaire Jeff Bezos.