Jiangsu boy: the Chinese Communist Party free to help Taiwan pineapple advertising

Liu Da Sheng, a young man from Jiangsu province with the screen name “Vlog Heartbeat”, was forced into exile in the United States for scolding the Chinese Communist Party and supporting Taiwan. Have the guts to ban Taiwan chips.

The Chinese Communist Party suddenly banned the import of Taiwan pineapples (called pineapples on the mainland), which was considered a “political operation” by outsiders. The Chinese Communist Party media “Global Times” editor-in-chief Hu Xijin called out, “the Chinese Communist Party really want to mess with Taiwan’s economy, there are many ways, can make Taiwan find teeth.”

But the CCP’s move triggered a rush to buy from the Taiwanese people. Taiwan Agriculture Committee Chairman Chen Jizhong held a press conference on March 2, thanking many enterprises and consumers for supporting domestic pineapples and farmers with practical actions. Up to now, including Taiwan domestic and foreign groups and individual orders, processing demand and export statistics have reached more than 41,000 metric tons, has exceeded the number of exports to China last year.

Some mainland dissidents also stand up for Taiwan pineapple.

Earlier, Liu Da Sheng, a young man from Jiangsu province who scolded the Chinese Communist Party and supported Taiwan and said “Taiwan’s reunification is over”, posted a video on youtube to rebuke, “Is the Chinese Communist government sick? If you think that Taiwanese are Chinese compatriots, you should give a good impression, then why do you give a bad impression? Originally, the people of Taiwan might have a little good feeling towards mainland China, and the government banned it as soon as it ordered it, it feels too rogue!”

Liu Da Sheng stressed that the Chinese Communist Party has helped the DPP many times, and banning Taiwan pineapple is even more beneficial to President Tsai Ing-wen, the middle voters will not only not pressure Tsai government, but also feel that the Chinese Communist Party is just bad. He sarcastically said, “The Chinese Communist Party is the real Taiwan Independence, really help Taiwan independence.”

Liu Da Sheng said that China does not buy Taiwan pineapples, it is free to help Taiwan pineapples to advertise. He emphasized that he was going to buy Taiwan pineapples at the supermarket.

Liu Da Sheng also choked the Chinese Communist Party, not to import Taiwan pineapples, have the ability to Taiwan chips to ban. Taiwan is an industrial chain, high-end and low-end chips are produced, sold in large quantities to China, have the courage to Taiwan chip to ban, including all auto parts. China banned still have to? China’s domestic huawei, Xiaomi cell phone chips are Taiwan OEM production, “do not pretend, self-deception”, “have the courage to Foxconn to ban? tesla seventy percent of the parts produced in Taiwan, you can ban?”

Liu Da Sheng said bluntly, do not think that Taiwan is small, they also have high-tech, a train of fruit can earn how much money? A plane chip can make more money. No you people can still survive, as usual, to develop overseas markets.