Hu Xijin’s rhetoric led to the fire and became the target of the public

Forty-seven pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been charged with conspiracy to subvert state power by the Hong Kong State Security Bureau for organizing or participating in last year’s Legislative Council primary election. This is considered the most important trial in Hong Kong’s history, a scandal in Hong Kong’s legal profession, and has been compared to the Belle Isle incident, which strongly influenced the political direction of Taiwan and represented the peak of the KMT’s one-party dictatorship. At this moment of global attention, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, issued a long article to “gripe” the Chinese Communist authorities again. The article was bombarded by netizens.

Phoenix and other official media forwarded Hu Xijin’s article on March 1. Hu Xijin began by saying, “The U.S., Britain and the European Union have both made statements against this charge” “However, an important lesson learned over the years is that when the U.S. preaches standing with someone, it means that Washington is misleading and victimizing them”. forgot about the illegitimate children he had sent to immigrate to the United States.

He went on to say that the 47 Hong Kong people had “clearly violated the provisions of Hong Kong’s national security laws,” only to be smacked in the face by the comments section.

“One question: Does the late introduction of Hong Kong’s national security law have retroactive effect on those people?”

“The basic principles of legislation should not be violated. One is that ‘the law is not retroactive,’ meaning that violations of the national security law prior to its issuance should not be punished, and the NPC emphasized this when it issued the national security law. The second is that the credibility of the law comes from the mandate of public opinion, i.e. the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law has to be ‘authorized’ by Hong Kong public opinion in order to be effective or to gain the respect of Hong Kong people.”

“There is no law that prohibits it. Does the Hong Kong election law stipulate that primary elections are not allowed?”

Hu Xijin’s next words even prompted Radio Free Asia to post a special opinion piece. “The state has no intention whatsoever to ‘destroy democracy’ in Hong Kong,” Hu said. The article by Radio Free Asia said that this is a “silver bullet” and no one in Hong Kong has said that the raid on the pro-democracy camp is “meant to ‘destroy democracy in Hong Kong'”. But Hu has put the crux of the matter into perspective.

The article also teases that Hu Xijin has played the role of a “whistle blower” before, as the Chinese Communist Party clearly boasted last year that Hong Kong had successfully “stopped the violence and curbed the chaos“, but Hu said in a Weibo post that “the change for the better in Hong Kong will eventually happen” and “dare to change the situation for the better”. But Mr. Hu said in his microblog that “a change for the better in Hong Kong will happen eventually.” “Dare I ask Mr. Hu if this is a revelation of the Chinese Communist regime’s ‘stern and weak card’?”

Hu Xijin’s article on the 47 Hong Kong people case also insists that “one country, two systems is the true will of all Chinese society” and that “the National Security Law is a tiger with teeth” and that those who confront it “will be sanctioned “, will be “nailed to the column of shame traitors” and so on.

But netizens replied sharply one by one.

“Take a ‘patriotism’ key, want to open all the doors. This is hokum thinking.”

“One country, two systems has almost become one country, one system, Taiwan can watch the results of the return of Hong Kong can not be chilled!”

“What if history characterizes them as Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao? They were also characterized as thugs by those in power at the Time.”

“A truck is going against the traffic on the highway, and as far as the eye can see, it is full of people who are going against the traffic.”

“Do not stand with the people, the privileged system, dual-track discrimination, fooling with housing prices prices financial stock market P2P, the fruits of economic development can not benefit the majority of people, do not strive to build a perfect fair and just economic and political order and welfare system, how to let the domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan people really return to the heart? Benevolence and justice everywhere and the world to the heart, only rely on the huge political institutions and hard to maintain stability, only use slogans to lie and deceive, from a historical perspective, you say long, are laughing.”

During the first day of trial in the 47 Hong Kong people case on March 2, one of the defendants, He Guilan, shouted in court, “I have not seen a lawyer before the trial,” “I demand to see a lawyer.” After appearing in court, National Security Law Designated Judge and President Judge So Wai Tak also admitted that a number of defendants were not allowed to meet with their lawyers before the opening of the chamber.