He’s still alive.

A lament written by an old Japanese man:

People are getting old.
I’d risk my life.
— Kazusawa Sato, 83

Let’s call it a thank you.
Go to the barber shop.
No discounts either.
— Takasho Yamamoto, 76

The doctor.
He taught me how to live well.
I can’t believe he died before me.
— Shiro Morita, 79

Eight minutes to eat.
And two points.
— Kigenori Kurosawa, 45

cat teaser (toy)
Swings too slow.
The cat disliked the face.
— Chiharu Seeabe, 69

class reunion
Everyone bows and says goodbye.
We ended up being unsteady together.
— Kazuko Ishioka, 82

Get off the Benz.
I need to transfer.
— Masako Ibori, 65

Don’t do that.
I’m just taking a nap.
No need to feel my pulse.
— Manager of Kurezou-so, 49 years old.

After cataract surgery
Seeing your age spots and wrinkles
I’m shocked.
— Kiyoharu Murakawa, 71

Wake up in the morning.
It’s in good shape.
Go see a doctor.
— Yasuo Kosaka, 77

Long lost friends.
Call me.
You’re still alive.
— Etsuko Kuramura, 84

Nostalgia jingle
It’s all too new.
Can’t sing at all.
— Hiroko Miyauchi, 65.

summon up courage
Squeezed into the mixed bath.
They’re all men.
— Makoto Toyoda, age 64.

My age.
It’s already bigger than Mom.
— Inoue Parent Child 78 years old

I took the portrait.
Tell me I’m laughing too much.
prohibit the use of sth.
— Izumi Kamiya, age 50.

It’s delicious.
Although I forgot.
What did you just eat?
— Alix, 52.

Found on the bankbook.
bank codes
— Good Hirano, 75 years old.

at last
I paid off the mortgage.
In a nursing home.
— Takuro Sato, 73

life (one’s time)
I’m not lost anymore.
But you always get lost.
— The film was released at the age of 47.

They say they’re overwhelmed.
It’s an earthquake.
He ran faster than anyone else.
— Toshio Hirokawa, 84

I wish I knew when I was going to die.
So that I would
Spend all your savings.
— Yao 77 years old

I started a cemetery.
It overlooks
Girls’ high school
— Kofi Ryoichi, 66

Stealing candy from my grandchildren.
stubbornly refuse to admit it
Blame the cat.
— Galaxy 48.

I’ll be greeted warmly.
Hot toilet seat only.
— Noriko Onsaki, 53

“Call me money.
It was my son’s voice on the phone.
I’m hanging up.
— Hamauchi, 72 years old.

“Dinner is ready.
This is the only conversation we’re having today.
From the rice cooker
— Mako Kuwabara, 63.

the next life
We’ll be together too.
I said to the dog.
— Yenzawa Yuko, 56

It’s lonely.
And the phone scammer.
make congee over the phone
— Hoshino To, 72

It’s fading.
Hair, memory.
and presence
— Hokuto, 46 years old.

Once wanted freedom and time.
Too much to do.
— Nubo Fujiwara 77 years old

All I have is my pension.
He’s cured of his infidelity.
— Ikeda Toichi, 69